Hale No


Hale No

Hale No was born in South Central Los Angeles. He is the only child of Angel Johnson (born in 1943) and Ziggy No (born in 1943).

His parents married in Oklahoma in 1968 and gave birth to their only child, Hale in 1979.

Hale No

Hale was raised most of his life on the East side of Los Angeles in a poor neighborhood.

His father was a Baptist Pastor, and his mother was a homemaker.

In his early teens, he became rebellious against his parents because of their Christian beliefs; fed up with their rules and having to attend church every Sunday, he decided to join a Los Angeles street gang; becoming involved with this gang kept him in constant trouble with the law.

His parents worked hard to steer him away from the gang life and tried to encourage him to join their church, but he hated God and loved only his parents.

Hale would become overwhelmed with fear whenever his father would preach to him about God-fearing people being raptured away with God, and unbelievers left behind in a world that will be plunged into chaos.

Early one morning, just as the sun was rising, Hale collapsed right on his parent’s doorway from being intoxicated.

After several hours of sleeping, he woke up to a loud thundering sound and quickly got up to shut the front door; he thought he was being targeted from gunfire, and he charged into his parents’ bedroom.

He hesitated for a moment. Hale became puzzled when he saw his father’s prosthetic legs still tucked underneath his covers and his mother’s wig on her pillow—and his parents were nowhere to be found; at that moment he believed in God and began crying from his loss.

But he had no time to stay grief-stricken because fires, plane crashes, riots, and many world catastrophes were happening all at once; he needed to find a safe place to live. His parents’ home was burned down, and he fled for days trying to find a safe place to live. All of Hale’s Christian relatives and friends were gone, and he felt lonely for years.

He decided to dedicate his life to evangelizing the word of God. But self-professed members of the Illuminati hate organized religions, particularly outspoken Christians, and they want Hale dead. He is on their most-wanted list.

Hale was homeless for over a year but found stability living in a man-made cave near the mountains were several Christians are hiding out. His Christian neighbors choose him to be the leader because of his street smarts and his fearless creativity to rescue Christians or people who are trying to escape taking the mark of the beast.

A great athletic ability he has, but supernatural powers he doesn’t. Everyday Hale risks his life defending the good and the helpless with the hands that have earned him a 3rd degree in Black Belt.

After a busy day of fighting off thugs, Hale sits on the top of a building looking at a sky that used to be so blue, and a sun that used to shine so brightly. I don’t care if they kill me, he resolved.

I have to stop people from taking the mark of the beast—I will never sell out to the anti-Christ—and I have to find a way to rescue those people whom they plan to kill for not taking the mark. Someday, this will all be over with—I can’t wait to be with my Lord. But I have so much work to do.

Later that day, just as Hale was going to stop some burglars from robbing a bank, he took off running like hell was coming for him. In a neighborhood not far from his home, he spots gang members selling drugs.

They didn’t even try to put the drugs away. The gang members did not care if the police were near and many people were watching them. Selling drugs was not a crime in their neighborhood. In fact, it was considered as practical as working at a burger stand. But Hale refuses to accept a lawless world. He fights a mighty battle every day to save people from the dark afterlife.

One warm evening during the summertime, Hale pointed at the gang members at a far distance, and then he ran effortlessly from jumping on top of high buildings to jumping on brick fences, and gracefully landing right in front of the gang members. “Look at you guys! You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.”

The gang member in blue looked at Hale with a smirk on his face. “This fool is looking crazy!”

Hale gave a look of disgust “Thugs, stop the gang banging,” he demanded. “You have better things to do with your life. “

“Get out of here, you son-of-a–” said the thug wearing the black hat, his voice filled with fury, “or I will–”

You will what?” Hale interrupted with a sneer. “Hurt me? You’ll do no such thing, and do you know why? Because you are cowards. You’re trapped in a world of evil; my life was once like yours.”

The thug in blue narrowed his eyes in a squint with his anger, and he folded his arms in defiance. “What are you going to do us? We are not afraid of you. Don’t you have something better to do?” he asked with a frown on his face.

What are you doing with your lives?” shouted Hale, unable to hold back his anger. “You have a chance to come to God or take the mark of the beast. Oh, if you are lucky you will just be gunned down.”

The thugs started laughing. “This guy is nuts,” said the guy with the Afro. And what’s up with that costume? I would rather join the Illuminati than joining some church!”

“That’s right,” said the gang leader in red, joining in defense of his friend. “My boy may start his own Illuminati group, and my boy in blue will be recruiting Christians.”

“Stop! Stop it,” shouted Hale. “Trouble makers, you are going to regret it, and you don’t have to be a thug to be cool. Follow me, meet friends, and come to know God before it’s too late.

“We are Gods,” said the thug with the Afro. “I have my own powers just like your God, and you can be a God if you join our group. We have our own religion, and we have to eliminate pigs like you.”

Hale walked up closer to the thugs, his face filled with rage. “Damn you,” he shouted. “You idiots are going to be sorry.”

The guy in red laughed. “You called us idiots,” he ridiculed him with cruelty in his voice. “If you are lucky we will make your death quick.”

“Hey, dude. Want to meet the Lord right now?” yelled the guy in blue.

”Are you going to stop selling drugs?”

The thug in blue put his finger in Hales’s face. “Hell no!”

“Hale was enraged with anger and moved the thug’s hand away from him. “You might not want to point in Hale’s face.”

Just as he began to defend himself from the gang members jumping him, Illuminati members dressed in black picked Hale up and put his hand over his mouth. “We are here to bid you a final goodbye,” One of the men said, rubbing his hands together. “We are getting a little tired of you telling people about God.”

“That’s right,” angrily said another Illuminati member. “Now it’s time for you to go to hell!”

They wore leather gloves, and they hit him on his face several times. He tried to get away, but there were too many of them. Even though he kicked and fought with all his strength, he couldn’t stop them from carrying him outside and putting him into the back of the van. He tried to force his way out, but he could not see.

The Illuminati members all got into the van. Hale was shaking so hard, he could barely breathe.

Where am I going?” he yelled, gasping for air, feeling his lungs nearly trying to force oxygen into his body.

“You are going to a place where you will never cause any trouble again.” The driver slammed the car door with a wicked smirk on his face.

To Be Continued

  1. Craig Murray says

    The biggest problem is the lack of showing, just the telling, it is the great killer of stories.

    Don’t tell me what has or will happen, make me part of a living scene.
    Hale spent most of his time getting drunk and getting into trouble
    “Son, why you got to be like this? I tried so hard to raise you righteous and all you are doin is drinkin and fightin…”
    “Give it a rest Maw.” he slurred.
    “Hale, son, your momma and I are worried, she cries herself to sleep most night, doesn’t that bother you?” said his father as he took his son by the shoulders. “We both love you, we both want you to live a life filled with goodness and compassion.”

    Now the story line itself needs some working, even though it is fiction, it has to be real. Skipping over the problems I have with people showing their ‘Christianity’ by beating the crap out of other people, a particularly non-Christ thing to be doing, the gang members are not going to argue with some guy screaming at them.
    Hale yells at them, they shoot him, he dies.
    Sadly that is what would happen.

    The appearance of the ‘illuminati guys’ at the end made it almost comical. Super duper secret agents stopping people from talking about God??? Kinda impossible considering how many preachers there are etc. They would not be starting with some kid on the streets, they would start with the Pope, the Dalai Lama, tele-evangelists first.

    1. Andrea Anderson says

      I want to tell you the honest truth. Your post has flattered me to the core. As I was reading your criticisms I started feeling like my work was of some significant importance; like I am already some famous novelist and I don’t want to be famous.

      To all of you writers out there, this is what you want. You can’t be a writer if you can’t take constructive criticism.

      Craig, I don’t write with those kinds of rules you suggested. There is no such thing as problems in a story but only that people are being entertained. They are played out. If I followed all of your rules I would not have gotten tweets. Thank you but I really can’t take your advice.

      “The appearance of the ‘illuminati guys’ at the end made it almost comical. Super duper secret agents stopping people from talking about God??? Kinda impossible considering how many preachers there are etc. They would not be starting with some kid on the streets, they would start with the Pope, the Dalai Lama, tele-evangelists first.” Its comic inspired. Not the “Color Purple” inspired.
      Thanks so much.

      1. toshiroisa says


        I love the story. Some people are more of a teller than a shower and I think that’s the kind of writer you are with your writing. Your are big on dialog and some of the greatest writers were big on dialog. I give you an A+ originality. The story about the prosthetic legs and wig was hilarious. Interesting how you mixed in such a serious story with somewhat comedy. You seem to be inspired by comic books. You love action don’t you? The whole illuminati story was fascinating. I would be curious to know if a Christian book publisher or regular publisher would be interested in your story. I am curious to know if you really believe in what you wrote. Or I should say the rapture. My only criticism is that I would have like to have seen a little bit more action before you ended. You ended the story way too soon. I am hungry for more. Good Luck!

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