Most Frequently Asked Questions


What is this Magazine about?
Angie′s Diary is a Digital Media Publication and Online Magazine. Read all about it here.

How do I Register and start Posting?
Check out our page How to Post an Article? for instructions.

After Registration?

  • Complete your biography on your profile page – this is the best way to introduce yourself to the magazine’s Community.
  • Add a profile picture of yourself.
  • Choose a “good” Public Display Name (ex.: ginaprs2319 is not a good Display Name).
  • Fill in this form and click “Submit Post.”
  • Explore and share the publications you love on Angie’s Diary featuring original essays, fiction, short stories, prose, lifestyle and the arts.
    (when logged in, your comments will automatically display your biography).

Can I copy/paste my article into the Edit box?
Yes, absolutely, but before you do, don’t forget to:

  • Proofread, grammar- and spell-check your text thoroughly before submitting!
  • Do not include your name in the text. Your author info will appear at the right of the article, in the sidebar.
  • Our magazine’s article style requires non-indented paragraphs. The site will accept paragraphs that are indented, but we ask that you format your articles in accordance with our style.
  • Use English Language only.
  • Choose a Category.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS!

What Can I Post?
We accept well-written articles (ideally 1000 – 4000 words); such as essays, political analysis and satire, philosophy, psychology, short stories, book reviews, book excerpts, author interviews, poetry, et cetera. Submitted articles must be unique and not appear on other websites. Guest posts may be rejected if they are sub-standard.

This is a free service and includes the syndication of all articles in the top social media.

In case your post’s word count goes beyond 4000, we suggest you split it up into chapters and post them separately.

How Often Can I Post?
Only limited by our editing capacity.

Are Posts and Comments Moderated?
In this publication, your articles and comments shall be moderated and will appear online as soon as our staff releases them.

The following types of comments will not be posted:

  1. Anything that insults the Angie’s Diary staff, readers or authors.
  2. Any type of discrimination in the discussions, including but not limited to racism, heterosexism, classism, religious bigotry, or discrimination toward the disabled.
  3. We will not host discussions that involve explicit sexual references and are cautious about discussions on volatile topics such as abortion, religion, and race. Inflammatory remarks (intentional or otherwise), anything that we believe may provoke a fight.
  4. Advertising and spam.
  5. Posts with too many or off-topic links.
  6. Feel free to agree or disagree with each other as long as you do it respectfully. Please remember that there are people on the other end reading what you write. Please be mindful of that.
  7. Bottom line: Be nice!

How Can I Promote My Post?
If you have your own website, we advise you to add links to your individual articles and stories, and/or your author index page!
Copy/Paste the Link to your Article or Story to your emails, Facebook Wall and messages. It has proven to be valuable practice to share your posts on several social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Stumbleupon tend to boost the traffic of viewers for your post posts. Click one or more of the social network buttons at the bottom of the article.

How long does my registration remain valid?
Registrations remain active and valid indefinitely but should be used for posting within 30 days. Inactive registrations will be removed from the magazine if no post has been submitted for review within this period.

How Can I Promote My Book(s)?
Check out our Book of the Week and Ad rates for info.

What are the Deadlines?
We are looking for great content on an ongoing basis, so there is no specific time frame.

Should I be wary of Copyright Infringements?
Whatever is being published online, is potentially copy-able. Be this through copy/paste, screen-grabs, OCR software and many, many other methods, even if you have scripts in place that make it harder to copy, there is no guarantee whatsoever.
The good news, however, is that once you have published your work at Angie’s Diary, there is a time stamp on your posts (backed up daily), that will be very strong evidence in a court of law. A Creation becomes automatically the intellectual property of the creator, the moment it was created. We do not make any claims to your work, nor do we let you sign waivers to get the exposure we offer for free.

Do you have Questions that were not answered here?
Let us know, and we’ll add them ASAP!

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