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Stinger Redeye Fulda Cold Bitter Betrayal
Bill Fortin Bill Fortin Amanda M. Thrasher
Magus Star Rising FYI An Unintended Consequence
Larry Ivkovich  Patricia E. Gitt  Jean Candlish Kelchner
TBD   When, where, why
David Holdridge Larry Ivkovich  Edward M. Brittingham
deranged TBD The Complete Self-Publishing Guide  
Nora L. Jamieson Patricia E. Gitt Hank Quense 
Guardian of the Sky Realms Time to pay the rent REMNANT 
Gerry Huntman Michael Domino and Michael Primont M.F. Burbaugh 
Moxie's Problem An Unlikely Conclusion Where the Bodies Are
Hank Quense Patty Wiseman  L.V. Gaudet 
The Last Conception by Gabriel Constans Lady Justice and the Pharaoh's Curse  the-best-of-the-tenerife-tall-tales
Gabriel Constans Robert Thornhill Tony Thorne MBE 
Grow Yourself a Life You'll Love by Barbara Garro A Slight Mistake in the Code  When the Drum Major Died
Barbara Garro  Tom Greenwood  Anjuelle Floyd
Brumbies in the Outback by Paula Boer Park Avenue to Park Bench by Michael Domino The Infinity Trap by Ian C. Douglas
Paula Boer Michael Domino Ian C. Douglas 
Troubled Water by John DeDakis A Sojourn in Hell by Roberta Goodman Fiume - The Lost River
John DeDakis Roberta Goodman Branka Čubrilo 
The Okapi Promise The Greenlee Project by Amanda M. Thrasher Vow Unbroken by Caryl McAdoo
 Paula Boer Amanda M. Thrasher  Caryl McAdoo 
Love Lust and Conspiracy Permission to Speak Self-Publishing a Book
R.H. Politz Lorraine Blanco Grund  Hank Quense 
Points of View - The Weapons Grey Lady Lady Justice and the Vet
Tony Thorne MBE  Paul Kemprecos  Robert Thornhill
Almost Scared to Death Jackpot A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch
 Sheryl Pascal Gormley Susan Fleet Amanda M. Thrasher
Lady Justice and the Assassin Reunion at Olan The Hero's Companion
Robert Thornhill  Larry Ivkovich  Amy Lignor 
The Other C-Word Watching Her Walk Guilt of Innocence
 MK Schiller Craig Murray  B.R. Stateham

Flashes and Specks

It's All in your Head Brumbies in the Snow
Mark Pogodzinski  Maria McCutchen Paula Boer


Outernet Wotan's Dilemma
Patricia E. Gitt D.P. Nicholls  Hank Quense

Second Chances

Legacy of a Leader The Green Lantern
Dale Mayer Michael W. Staib Lawrence Berger 


An Unlikely Beginning Falstaffs Big Gamble
Eva A. Blaskovic Patty Wiseman  Hank Quense 

Girl with the Crooked Smile

Numen Yeye Bad Choices
Darah Zeledon Biola Olatunde Fran Lewis

The Bounty Hunter

The Forgotten Age

The Dead Soul
M.F. Burbaugh Jack Eason M. William Phelps

Lady Justice and the Cruise Ship Murders



 Robert Thornhill  Patricia E. Gitt  Amanda M. Thrasher


The Deliverer

A Little Crushed

Nadia Janice Brown Kathi Macias Viviane Brentanos
A Solitary Life

Neptune's Eye

White Death
Colleen Sayre Paul Kemprecos Debbie Kuhn
One Last Love

The Sixth Precept

 Derek Haines  Larry Ivkovich  Anna Bozena Bowen
Faithful Shadow

Winds of Wildfire

An Adventure in Indianapolis

Kevin J. Howard  Ronald P. Chavez Miriam Pia


Natalie's Revenge
 Chantal Boudreau Branka Čubrilo Susan Fleet
The Rebels

Faces Behind the Stones


Elizabeth Lang Fran Lewis Andrew J. Boyd
The Comfort of the Shepherd

Chronicles of Mark Johnson

A Spark of Heavenly Fire

Barbara Garro Alan Place  Pat Bertram
Angel in Flight

Mac Duncan's Inferno

Cinderella Chronicles

 Gerry McCullough Paul Collins  Alexandria Altman
After 2012 What Brought You Here? Globular van der Graff
R. H. Politz Nancy Duci Denofio Jack Eason

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