What Does it Mean To Be a Successful Writer?


Successful Writer?

Successful Writer

If you are jealous of other writers because they are rich or famous, you should begin to examine why it bothers you.

You must be thinking: “Why is this not happening to me? Does my writing suck? The fact is you should not measure a successful book by the number of sales.

You can be successful by posting free books on your website with 1,000 followers from Facebook or Twitter.  And Authors usually have to work very hard in order to find those fans.

You have to ask yourself this question when you look in the mirror:

  • What does it mean to be a successful writer?
  • Is it about making money?

I say just be patient, keep a positive attitude and your time will come.


  1. Jack Eason says

    I couldn’t have said it better Andrea, or should that be Anderson? Personally I prefer Andrea as a given name. 😉

  2. Andrea Anderson says

    LOl! I perfer Andrea as well. Thanks Jack and keep up the great articles.

  3. Paula Boer says

    My measure of success as a writer has changed over time. These are my personal milestones:

    * finishing a piece
    * having readers like what I’d written
    * getting a piece published
    * finishing a novel
    * getting a novel published
    * helping others achieve their own personal writing milestones
    * reaching sales of 2,000
    * being awarded Amazon ‘best-seller’ status

    Onwards and upwards! That journey has taken 6 years so far (plus a lifetime of experience behind it). Quick, in hindsight.

  4. Andrea Anderson says

    You are to be congratulated.

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