Lord, my heart is crying like the tears

that come down my eyes. My body

aches with sinful lust and my soul is

pounding with guilt. Lord, I need your

help. My husband is denying me, and

he is disobeying your word. You said

we should not deny each other and

as a result of this, I feel myself falling

and burning in passion.

Lord, my heart feels as lonely as a cloud gliding

away after a rainstorm. And it only seems

like yesterday that I was consoling the hearts

of lonely women facing the same struggle. It

only seems like yesterday that I felt so beautiful, young

and just a woman. It’s not going to be much

longer before I go out and do it.

Lord, I am only moments away from breaking

my vows, and the guilt is tearing me down.

I can’t even talk myself out of committing adultery.

Lord, I don’t want to tempt you, but it’s almost worth

the punishment that you are going to give me.

Oh, how I wish you would intervene and stop

this from happening.

Lord, you do work in mysterious ways. The guilt

I am feeling right now for lying with another man

is ripping me apart. I enjoyed my sin, and I am ready

to repent. I enjoyed my sin, and I am not going to

repent because I am just going to go out and do it again.

I need to let the demons out of me before I can be

Free. My soul is in so much jeopardy. Will you help me?

Lord, my husband came to me with humbleness

and sorrow in his heart for not desiring me; all I

had to do was pray, fast and wait. He has forgiven

me for sleeping with another man, and he is starting back

making love to me over and over again. My conscience

is bothering me, and I hope that’s the only punishment

that you will give me. My adultery was not even

worth it, but I will own up to it.

  1. Delilah Connors says

    Very beautiful poetry! You strike me as a very (over)sensitive person!
    Please give us more of the same. I will certainly read your prose!

  2. andrea says


    I really appreciate the compliment. Thank you.


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