A Harlot’s Pain


I am known as the town’s harlot.

Sadly, many don’t care that my

real name is Charlotte; a police officer

once yelled to me, “Hi Harlot,” He knew

my real name. Degradation is

just a way of life for me, maybe I deserve

it, because I am a shame to society;

my own family avoids me and I even

feel like God doesn’t love me. Christians

scare me, because I think they can see

the evil in me. I am scared they will judge

me, degrade me and make me feel like a baby.

One day, a Christian woman

told me a story about a woman,

Mary. I learned that she was a harlot,

and everyone judged her until Jesus said,

“Judge not Mary.” It was enough for me;

it empowered me and I changed my life

immediately. I have now arrived home as

Charlotte and not somebody’s harlot.

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    Thank you!

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