He is lonely in his loneliness

Seeking self forgiveness,
Not for what he did but for what he is a witness.
He saw those who are overwhelmed by selfishness,
Those who kept the world in a total mess
And those who hurt like an abscess.
Filling the pockets is what they obsess
And from the world’s welfare they digress.
Their eyes are wide open causing people to depress.
All are theirs, even what you possess.
None is secure: people, animals and even grass.
I wonder whether they were born with such wildness,
Or life taught them how to oppress.

He sequestered himself in his loneliness
And consciously denied his own egress.
Maybe, he will find relief in his deep darkness,
As he found himself incapable to redress.
Nothing paralyses him but his own cowardice
That feeds his stress and leads him to madness.
I wonder whether he was born helpless
Or learned to be so hopeless.

Who is drowned in selfishness?
He who hides in indifference and solitariness
Or those who grow from others wretchedness?
Both are marked with dishonesty and corruptness.
No need for duress to make them confess.
Ignore them all and sow seeds of selflessness
To harvest peace, dignity, pride and happiness
And light your fingers to illuminate darkness.

© Chaouki Mkaddem, 2010

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