Reach the Right Audience


How to reach the right audience?
When you think about what is the best way to reach your audience you have to use analysis of a few factors and use them to plan strategy, style, newsletter and sell sheets or visual presentation.

Different audience has different needs.

target-audienceDemographic factors
Age, gender, religion, education level, income and location

Let’s talk about age. The way of thinking suffers some changes in the growing up process, people’s priorities, and perspectives change and you need to shape the description of your book in relation with the audience which you want to target.

Gender is just as important as the religion is and if you don’t choose the right audience your book has no chance from the very beginning.

Education level and income play their role in the buying habits of your readers, and you have to keep in mind the location in your marketing campaign.

If you manage to understand the target reader’s personality, this will help to make the message of the book more effective. Knowing your audience is key to marketing success.

In order to identify personality preferences of your readers you have to keep in mind the four basic dimensions of your book’s characters:

Introvert – Extrovert

Sensing – Intuitive

Thinking – Feeling

Judging – Perceiving

The secret is to find your characters strengths and give readers logical reasons for reading your book. This satisfies the needs of your readers who are thinking types.

Values and beliefs
Here the analysis is focused on values and beliefs, goals and lifestyles. Find out what is important for your readers, and then it will be much easier to organize the information about the book in a way which seems natural and real to your readers even if it is a work of fiction.

Building effective messages
What do you really want when marketing your book is matching the reader’s habits with their environment and influence their reading attitude and reading choices.

You can do this by finding uniform groupings who are keen on the same subject or settings as in your book.

People’s culture is defined by their values, philosophies and attitude and reveals itself in their myths, heroes and stories or the allocation of space.


  1. Sissy Pantelis says

    This is a very interesting article- many thanks for posting it. Just a question: let us suppose that your book is mainly targeted to active young women – they can work or be university students. I just take this as an example, OK? How do you reach this audience? Knowing the audience (or to have an idea about the audience) is certainly an excellent thing. But how do you reach this audience? Most self- publishing writers I know have a problem to reach their audience and I believe that this would be a major problem for me as well.
    Thank you so much- I am looking forward to reading more articles on the subject.

  2. Madi Preda says

    Thank you for your interest Sissy Pantelis.It is not enough saying just active young women.It depends what your book is about in order to find the right cross promotion for your book.Generally speaking if your targeted audience is formed by university students, a presentation to the university library, tied up with one of their seminars if your book is about an academic subject which is part of their curriculum.Are many Universities which recommend books as an additional reading for their courses.
    If your audience is formed by young mothers,there are so many groups and communities for this categories.
    Shopping centers:it is well known that young women represent the biggest percent of consumers.
    Here are only a few ideas,if you like to discuss more precisely about your book please feel free to contact me.

    Madi Preda – Authors PR

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