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It was not the first time a political figure slipped on his own words, or took too long to answer the question, “What do you mean?” if a reporter approached them for their answer. 

But let’s think about it, when a man running for public office believes a woman cannot get pregnant if she is raped, how does it sound to you?

rapedI am sure he learned about the facts of life, he told the public he has two daughter’s of his own.

Was he ever afraid to let them out of the house alone, drop them off at a party, bring them to college?  Perhaps his mind was elsewhere, and life’s issues did not mean as much as running for election.

Speaking of election – and the women’s vote.  If a man declared that a woman could not get pregnant when she was raped he would be wiped off the slate, his name taken off the voters list, this wasn’t a simple slip of the tongue, it was a big one.

The fact is women vote more then men, and the polls are telling us tonight that women who vote are at 51% for Obama, and Romney at 41%.  A reason for the split could be the statement today that women would no longer have the right to an abortion which would be a choice if the woman became pregnant by someone who raped her.  Listen to how close those two statements were.  A mistake?  Perhaps a mistake because his values were released to the press.  Perhaps it came from a recent meeting which declared, this would be removed – a woman would no longer have the right to choose an abortion if she were a victim of rape, etc.

When I first heard the statement I wanted to laugh, here we have a political figure that never learned the facts of life, but I also knew it was from another source, it came from the mouths of his political party – how they would change the rights woman now have and fought for, for years.  He slipped, badly – as his party removed the money they handed him for his election, because the ghost was let out of the closet.

As we draw nearer to election night we will hear slips of the tongue, questions asked without answers, on personal release of records or personal questions of any kind – unanswered.  If they faulter as one has, it means more candidates down the tube.  Now is the time for the voter to listen to the candidates, to what they have to say, and unfortunate as it sounds, their words mean nothing when the winner takes office.  The parties are already drawing up the plans for the future – our future. 

I suggested in a letter to the President that we the people who vote and place the winner into the highest seat in the nation  have the right to speak out and be heard.  I mentioned these corner chats with congressmen and women are not for the people but for the news to gather up another story.  How many people send letters to the President which are never answered since modern technology has come into play.  There was a time when they had a staff who were kind enough to type out a written letter to concerned people, today we get a general letter mailed to millions.  One example, getting a free all expense trip to the convention.  Don’t we deserve a chance to attend without having a background in politics?

I recall the time I stood up to speak about my concerns regarding the election, and the party would choose a certain number of people to attend the convention.  Being new in the state, where the party did not know me – even if my issues hit home, received applause, while others seemed like a planned affair – like show and tell.  At that time I knew I was speaking to a full group of people – filling the auditorium, and my issues would be heard, but I never did get to the convention that year, but I did get to speak up and down the eastern coast, and with the Late Senator Edward Kennedy on Save our Security.  No one knew me during my first speech, but they all knew me a few months later. Don’t be afraid to speak out, and be heard – be your own advocate.

Now with the internet we get “facts” quicker – and answers from those who are running messed up, given like the speed of light.  Sometimes the answers are wrong, pushing the candidate to the bottom of the totem pole.  They embarrassed themself, and the party.

Did you ever notice that the party chooses their next years candidate at the convention – before anyone even takes power for the next four years.  This happens when the main speaker stands up and speaks – that main speaker is usually the choice of the party for the next election.  Exposure.  Everyone will begin talking about what he or she had to say.

When there is a meeting held on subjects like women given a choice in this country in the year 2012, something is drastically wrong.  Wrong especially when we have people out of jobs – houses for sale, no raises, no security, but we have war.  War for twelve years that placed us in this giant hole and we can’t climb out until rules are changed, lessons are learned, and people gain a voice not only the right to vote.

In 2012 we are falling backwards instead of forward.  This has been happening for 12 years.  We are hearing statements that would make anyone wonder where we were heading as a country.  From Social Security to Health Care, to Jobs, Loans, Banks borrowing from smaller institutions and then the smaller institutions are taking the fault.  From Drugs being reproduced by several companies and they are not the same, they are changed, each and every generic.  Sure you may hear different, but be careful that the generic you are using is doing what it should, I would insist on testing. 

So woman can’t get pregnant if they are raped?  For any man to make that statement makes my hair stand on end.  For a man running for public office, it does more – it shows he isn’t thinking of the people, but the last meeting with his political party planners.  He isn’t thinking of progress, this question about the facts of life is a giant step backward for women.  If one person slips up, more people heard the same thing.  Men, just know more about the facts of life.  So it is of my belief, if this man caused such a problem to the party, there are things happening behind the scenes, and to those women who vote – be sure you know your candidate, know his or her past, where they stood years ago when this was passed, now, will it be taken away?

What will happen if it is taken away, premature deaths of young women, older women, women who were raped and do not want to keep the child from a rapist.  It is there own personal choice.  It is their life, their home, their family, not the governments.  For a minute I was thinking of the foreign country who limits the amount of children a woman can have.  Here in America they don’t want to help the underpriviledged, they want them to have children from a rapist. They want homes to be broken by the act of real evil.

Speaking of evil.  It was twelve years ago we sent troops to capture one man who no one in this country ever did get to see, for all we know he was killed the first week, and what about all the oil we would get, and the money found in the eighteen wheeler, stacks of it, all large bills, this money was coming back to America, to help the families – we never heard another word about the oil, the death of the culprit, or the eighteen wheeler inside a country we were fighting, blowing up, killing innocent people while their leader hid in the basement, grew his hair long, remained in solitude to avoid his death.  But, were we searching to kill him?  We were told for sure, beyond a doubt inside that country were weapons of mass destruction. None to be found, only the eighteen wheeler.  We found many innocent bodies on the streets, in houses, public places, but never the billions of dollars in cash, where did it go?

Speaking about the facts of life – did you know that President George W. Bush had his brother lead the clean up of 911 and shipped every bit of evidence by barge to another country?  Why?  We have empty space in America.  Our family and friends were part of that clean up.  It reminded me a little about the election with the chads, remember, it happened in Florida where the then to be President’s brother was Governor.  This country of ours should have insisted on another election within the state of Florida, and not spend hours hoping they could see a hole in paper if held up to the light.

Well, my fingers on the keyboard are beginning to become tired – but I am not finished, as the old saying goes, “I have only just begun.”  I am not finished until the last vote has been casted – nor will I finish telling the truth to the people of this country, or at least place some important issues on the table.  We can’t ignore them like those who run for office, or talk about what will happen in January 2013, because, the winner is President – the party is the leader.  Take a moment and look at the article I wrote about a change in the way this government is run.  It will give you a great deal to think about.

So yes, women can get pregnant if they are raped.  And, yes, I think Jay Leno has a great way of finding out what the people of this country really know – he goes out to the people on the street – asks a simple question – and I bet if he asked one hundred people if women could get pregnant if they were raped, they would all have the correct answer. 

Let’s be more like Jay Leno and get to the real truth of this society where we live – ask the questions, write the editorials, but then again, they probably wouldn’t make the press.  Did you know the press has many issues they can’t speak about?  But the press can play a game like the one tonight – pointing to all the past mistakes by candidates who would not answer their questions through the years.  The power of the press can make you or break you.  I guess I would repeat the same answer too.

So what would I do, I once interviewed every Presidential Candidate alone, for over one hour – proud to say so too.  But it wasn’t a down out fight, that’s why the interview lasted as long as it did.  We are all human, we can make mistakes, but don’t think some of those mistakes didn’t come from a little bit of memory from a previous conference.

The worst thing a political figure can do is make a mistake, with the slip of his tongue.  Think before you speak – no matter what the facts may be – but tell the truth.  Parties don’t always believe in the truth, they believe in collecting money for high paid commercials which will bombard the television, radio and streets – to talk the people into their candidate.

Remember the song, Money can’t by you love…  but it sure can buy you a seat in congress – unless you never learned the facts of life.

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