World of Destruction


World of Destruction

If you are old enough to recall the acclaimed, celebrated, and sharp words from the “Eve of Destruction,” you will find material touching hearts today. One line struck home, “Handful of Senators don’t Pass Legislation.”

Listening to Bob Dylan’s words while he sings this historic but still meaningful and up to date, created in the sixties, still today’s worries – with more added during the past eleven years.

World of DestructionThe priority issue for the country was to end the War.  War is not only the cruel death of men and women, but it is now a huge drop in our economy for eleven years.

The President said during his first run for office “We didn’t realize we were being hit by the hardest economic destruction.”

On the news today, 7/6/12.  Why did the people know, believe the entire country knew.  Why were jobs, education, so important then?

Because as someone seeking the highest seat in political office had to know how tough it was then, following eight years of War.

Everyone was feeling the bust of the economy, and the loss of jobs.  Those running for President should have known.

Why then, was Ohio so important, knowing industry was closing, he did know this – and much more, but today he denied it. In my opinion, and I am a person who works for the people, things matter to me, keeping up with our world, and America’s Destruction.  Perhaps, this is why the “Eve of Destruction,” is appropriate and can be expanded.

You have to remember the words in the lyrics, “You’re old enough to kill but not for voting.”  Today the issue remains the same according to several State Laws. Arguments like these have been written about, and heard for fifty years; people are married at the age of eighteen, legally, but still, can’t have a drink – but yes, they can leave their family and go to war.

Quite pathetic when you see young people carrying guns – destroying their minds, having to kill women and children and innocent people. If they survive they have to live with the memory each and every day of their life.  “Can’t feel the pain I’m feeling today.”

Take Dylan’s words when he sings this and plays it in every home where the past eleven years has taken everything away from some people – houses, family, jobs, health care, and broken families – much more such as foreclosures, and the inability to borrow because of the War, when money was no longer coming into homes, leading their inability to pay or borrow.

Then, Government places limits on the amount of money a person can borrow or the institution can lend.  This is an important part of the growth in this country.

If you cannot borrow to build up – you will continue to fall.  Let the institutions help, now, rules should not be limited by the government when small financial institutions in small cities have helped their own, grown their cities and some survived until more rules were slapped on them.  Why, helping the larger banking institutions, survive.

While the fighting goes on the family suffers, but there was no help back home.

A fighter returns home to find their job filled, and the only job they can find is one that doesn’t touch the pay of the one he lost.  Today 12.7 Americans are out of work.  Today during a Breaking  News Report the words from one candidate, “Millions suffering.” What is wrong with our country? Remember, “It’s the economy  stupid.”

We have spent money earmarked during the Clinton Administration, in part, to protect the elderly and we were out of the trenches of owing money.  Money to keep American on even ground.

People have changed in America, regarding their thoughts about how Leaders Govern – protect their own, how the jobs vanished – don’t they understand, these so-called “Political Figures,”  if you don’t let businesses open, give loans, you are not going to stimulate any economy.  Did you know the bank bailout was supported by private credit unions giving a percentage of their profits?

I don’t remember much hitting the news.  Now the government is trying to build those larger banking institutions, forgetting the help they demanded from the smaller or larger Credit Unions.  Use them for help, then take them away.  Is this America?

Similar to the Guards – these men were normally used for the natural disasters in our own country, and one struck New Orleans, the Guards were fighting a war with no end – again, a mistake.

I respect everyone who protects America here and overseas, but my question was the way it was handled, introducing the Guards, who were trained for disasters – and placing them on the front line, immediately.  These men meet once a month for guard duty – suddenly they were placed in the trenches of hell.    Now they were men who killed innocent people, dropping bombs on foreign lands.

All the emotion and resentment toward war can be heard in the lyrics of the song,  “Even the Jordan River has bodies floating,” and written in the sixties, nothing has changed, except the fact reflected in one sentence, as I have mentioned, “If the button is pushed there is no running away.”  Something to be fearful of because we are still fighting and moving into new foreign countries, only two days ago in Syria, combat caused the loss of 20 Americans.

I have been drilling this song back into your memory because of the meaning behind the words all explained in the first line, “The Eastern World it is Exploding.”  So America has fallen apart by entering War with the Middle East – a War which has been going on for hundreds of years.  Perhaps negotiations might have saved lives and America.

During the wars of past America lost thousands of troops, but the economy remained strong because we were supplying troops in World War One and Two, supplies including tanks, guns, etc., made in the USA.  People went to work, more things were growing stronger in America during these wars – but that all stopped.

My Father and Grandfather felt war was good – it was needed to protect America, and many people from earlier generations had families in battle across the oceans, especially during World War One.  But, War has changed, the world has changed, nothing can hurt America more than to fight a War which will spread, and never end.

This war began with good intentions, to find one man who claimed to be the leader of the destruction, concerning 9/11.  It is still happening, eleven years later and Government claims they killed the culprit, no one was given proof because they honored the religious beliefs, of someone who killed thousands of Americans?

You see, this does not set well with the elderly as they see this war and remember those they fought in – it doesn’t set well they are losing what is their primary care, or have received little or no increase in Social Security for years, and they protected America.  They will no longer be the old time voter who is determined their party will take it all.

Change in America has filtered through all generations – which brings me to another famous song by Bob Dylan, “The Times They are A’Changing with generation after generation commenting they are not happy with America, and we have to change it.  What does that mean to you, but placing your trust in something new?

For so long people have stopped voting, tried to start a new party over and over.  And at the polls, fewer people are taking the words to heart before an election.  Fewer people were voting, more people removed themselves from a party and would not commit.

It will be interesting if all the talk, all the pain will make this election one favoring one side or the other, with record turnouts.

Remember, generations are changing, more people due to research in America are living longer – so voters are facing a challenge with each vote cast.  They will vote for the candidate who can help them – since millions are suffering.

  1. Avatar of RMitchell
    RMitchell says

    A well-written, insightful article. Thank you for sharing it here.

    Randy Mitchell

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Randy – thank you. Being old enough and remembering the song “Eve of Destruction” how it still is alive today, things really haven’t changed. – Sincerely, Nancy

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