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I have seen articles in many writing magazines and always feel envious of writers who can have peace to work in. My room is populated with a washing machine and tumble drier, having a large family these are on most of the day.

I learned to “zone out,” so that work could be done with as little disturbance as I could manage to block, which is not easy with screaming children and parents next door. I get no privacy, I can get interruptions at any time from 9:00 am until about 11:30pm which is why I often work through the night. Good thing I am used to not getting any sleep, that is another tale going back to my RAF days.

I have a small selection of reference books and reading materials, many are from second hand shops as I love to browse. One of my favourite past times when I was able to get out and when I am not writing, was going to jumble sales and country fairs to see what bargains I could find.

I decided to try my hand at writing in an attempt to see if my writing was liked, I had always wanted to be a writer and being disabled I had to find a way to occupy my time. Writing has been my saviour. To the extent I now run a twice weekly blog-promote books for friends-write for Angie’s diary and try to get a little time to write my stories, which I still do for the same reason I started them which is to please to my readers as well as the satisfaction I get from writing.

My ideal setting would be to get a small win in the lottery or better still have my books selling well enough for me to be able to move back to Scarborough in North Yorkshire, the setting for some of my early ghost stories. To get a little cottage on the coast, I don’t need a television just some relaxing music (like the hero of Chronicles-Mark Johnson)

This will also give me the chance to gather some information on a couple of interesting stories I took a liking to on my trip to Yorkshire last time. One is the mystery of the naming of the rocks I mentioned in my ghost story “Ghosts of St. Mary’s,” the other being a disused monastic building on the river Derwent, that nobody has any information on.

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    Alan Place says

    The blog is so popular with my friends, I had to extend its schedule to daily. The book case on the main page contains books by my friends.

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