Picture Perfect


Picture Perfect
Your mind is a blank

Coloring book,
And people are
The crayons:

Some crayons are sharp;
Thick outlines of purple,
Definition and precision,
Emphasizing every shape;

Some crayons are dull;
Crooked swirls and
Messy blotches of beige –
Wax smeared like finger paint;

Some crayons are broken,
Rubbing, blending,
Blue and gray,
Outside the lines;

Some crayons are melted,
Distorted and ugly;
Bright red consuming
The whole page like fire;

Some crayons are chipped,
Slashing each page
With jagged black lines,
Destroying the picture;

Choose crayons wisely to fill
Every page of your mind…
Favorite colors make your
Picture perfect.

  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Thank you for the fine and memorable work, Victoria.

    1. Avatar of victoriashockley
      victoriashockley says

      I appreciate your kind words about my work, Andrew!

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