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It’s weird, the way life and love revolve around each other. Life is the very core of existence while love is the essence of it.

Life is what is omnipresent, may it be in an organism as big as the elephant or as small as a microbe. It is as old as history itself, and as pure as divinity. It spans on, into the endless depth of eternity. It is a beautiful miracle, a mirage of dreams. It is deeper than the deepest abyss. It is a mystery amidst a dark possibility. It is a foggy surreality, with the transparency of water.

joie de vivre picassoLife is everything, enclaved in nothing. It is an uncanny reality.

And yet, it is incomplete without the touch of love. Love, that deceits like a cat and hunts like a wolf. Love, that burns like the sun and soothes like the moon. Love, that is lovely in its brightness and deadly in its strike. Love that is nurtured by the heart, and nursed by the soul.

Love is a nightmare, yet it is a nightmare worth enduring. It is pain that brings tears to the eyes and smile to the lips. Love is more than a word, it is an eternity. Love is but the ultimate utopia of the soul. Love is simply love, true in its essence and dark in its gory.

It is love that gives birth to passion, and it is but in a moment of passion that life is conceived. So does love give birth to life? But how can love exist when there is no life? Life is the ultimate container that holds the soul, and the soul is where in lies love, deep in its slumber, waiting for serendipity to come and raise it from the depths of its home, to the awaiting embrace of life.

No matter how we look at it, life and love are but the two faces of a coin, one is barren without the other. They are the two facets of reality. Aphrodite and Zeus go hand in hand, each supporting the other when they fall.

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    Joyce White says

    Hi Dark Angel, I enjoyed this very much, especially the line Life is the very core of existence while love is the essence of it. You may like to read my articles on love, Psychology of Love, Marriage & Sex. Joyce

  2. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    I agree. Dark Angel, you and Joyce have interests in common, and write about them with insight and sensitivity.

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