Are You in the Company of Good People?


in the Company of Good People

In the Company of Good People

Do good people surround you? – Do you have at least one deep relationship?

We live in an egotistical world, and somehow it shouldn’t be surprising why we in our nature as individuals are selfish. But when the time comes when a friend is actually needed, can he or she be found easily?

We tend to be ecstatic for a short time; we feel that we have found the right person; it’s a kind of crash. We enjoy each other so much that it feels like: “this is it!” But then it doesn’t pass the test of time.

How can we recognize true friendship that will survive “no matter what?” After all, we are all friendly, we all make connections every day, we meet all kinds of people, and still, not all of them can really get inside our small intimate circle.

Why is it so difficult? Is it because we are so egoistic we are looking for the right quality rather than the whole complex personality? I mean we’re looking to fulfill our needs while obtaining a friend with whom to party. For example:

  • An intellectual friend
  • Same economic situation friend
  • A gym friend
  • Facebook friend
  • Coffee friend, and many, many categories more.

Of course, we also have our family, which is always there, but that’s a different story. So it’s great we do have many friends, this way we are covered. But what about those one or two who are close all the time, those whom you could really be honest with, share life by all means, without mask, without having the need to prove anything to.

The one with whom you don’t have to make an effort in order to get him or her to be best friends. The one who is your unconditional best friend…

How do you earn this one? Is it really hard to connect? Why do some people still look for that, while others are enjoying it already? I wish I could live in harmony, in an unconditional relationship that could survive any pressure. Each time I am asked what would I wish for if I could get only one wish. While some would want to win the lottery, my wish would be to have a real friend because happiness is where I feel my fortune lies.

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