Difficult to be Honest


Difficult to be Honest

Difficult to be Honest

Should we always tell our partners the truth? What can we, or should we keep to ourselves?

And if we do have a dark secret, or if something has, in fact, happened to us that we are sure our partner would never accept and might be hurt as a result?
Even if it didn’t happen, but the intention was there, should we still let him in on everything for the sake of honesty?

And you know that he will get hurt. Only you feel uncomfortable yourself, is it fair to ignore your conscience and feeling of guilt, and let it all out in a devastating conversation that might actually lead to a disaster? Or should you just try to keep it to yourself until it’s forgotten, out of your system? Isn’t the truth that tortures you enough punishment?

Who can decide what should be said and what should be kept to yourself? What is called lying and cheating, and what is protecting and harmless?
And where should the limit be drawn? Can we justify all our rule-breaking or harmless feelings as unnecessary to be mentioned and keep the peace and quiet at the same time? Is a relationship only good when it’s comfortable to us?

What is honesty?

Never having a single, private moment to yourself? Reporting all kinds of feelings or occurrences in one’s life, no matter what the consequences might be?
It just seems to be a bit tedious to share all the thoughts that are running through my head!

Does that mean I am not an open person? With a closed relationship?

  1. Avatar of gretchen
    gretchen says

    Good stuff Smadar. The wait is always worth it.

  2. Avatar of Dana
    Dana says

    I love this stuff, you know that. Love it!

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