The Temptation of Vengeance


”If ye are slapped

Turn the other cheek”
Shall I then?
condone the evil
of a sword – sharp tongue?

“Vengeance is mine
I shall recompense”
shall I step aside
as they take away
my will to live?

How shall I step
across the pits
of a dark cavern
but keep understanding
of the laws
“If ye are slapped….

Son, listen to your
pain-filled heart
and know the meaning
not by weakness,
but by strength,
not by self,
but with self,
we turn the cheek
in order to understand
the story of the
beginning of the slap.

The bandage that
thinly veils your
gaze from the
length of your journey
does not shroud the
threads that hang above
the sowing of your being
His vengeance, son
you must sweep into
your soul
in understanding
that in the infinity
of His love, the
sower must reap
only that which he
sows in multiples thereof.

Take care son
that in your haste
not to condone evil
you do not lengthen
the evil of a longer
on a fast dying earth.

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  1. Avatar of Craig Murray
    Craig Murray says

    wonderful, thank you for sharing it

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