Call to the Spirit



the air danced
lights dimmed
into circle of gold
she lay slumbering
from the haze of lights
the pictures danced
and a voice invited
come let’s take
a walk from the
meadows of your mind
so you can learn
your long sip
from the nectar
of creation
sail into light
from the dark threads
of your earth’s journeys.


are gifts of nature
that teach us always
to stretch the extra mile

the little agonies
that shows us
the possibility of
a smile
when these pressures moubt
and you are ready
to collapse
remember always
will tomorrow
become yesterday’s story
all things have their time
GOD is forever.

I choose the risk

of God’s love
against the attention
of darkness
his omnipotence
against the chaos
of man
faith in his
awesome gifts
against the deceit
of wealth
my conviction in
his grace
than the greater risk
of an existence
devoid of his presence.

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