When You Make Conditions


When You Make Conditions, When You Make Conditions


When you ask for proof
When you check the signposts
When you make conditions.

There is no friendship
When you expect diamonds
When you measure the distance
When you wait in the wings.

Love is…
A gift of self
Knowledge of self
When “I” is not important,
Love is…

When you lose self
Then you find “ME”
In the varied signposts of “ME”
For in the beginning I gave you “ME”
For I AM


The passenger came to the shore,
From bands of Light descended,
The passenger waited to stand,
A mission that must be completed,
The sea in giant mists raged on the surface,
The Mountain across the sea beckoned,
Look for the road on the sea
That is the picture
The message of the journey.

One first halting step into matter,
The passenger placed another,
The bridge was full and
The sea heaved her passengers,
This passenger must make the journey
Feet on the shifting solid road
Mists that blocked the varied turns
Firm gaze on the steady light mountain,
The steps into matter was begun
That is the picture
The stricture of the journey.

His Hand firmly laid on my shoulder
His voice constantly guiding my steps
I walk the single craggy but firm road,
Across the misty stormy sea,
My gaze on the light mountain,
My longing constant on Him,
His hand constant on me,
Sea sprayed sometimes, but walking
On the single gazed Light Mountain,
The constant guiding voice
The light mountain coming nearer
That is the picture
Always the picture
Of my questing thirsty soul.

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