Should I Syndicate my Blog?


Should I Syndicate my Blog?

You may have heard of syndication.  It is when someone is able to sell a column they write to a publisher that has newspapers in 5 states and the column goes to all of them at a flat rate of pay for the writer. 

Should I Syndicate my Blog?

I don’t exactly mean that.  What happened is that there are blog posts that I ghostwrote professionally but also that there are blog posts at Uranian Fiction, LinkedIn, and here and set up to run as a stand-alone WordPress blog

OK, I don’t even know exactly how it works yet.

Because of that, I have a weird attitude towards this blog site, for which I apologize right now because I want to be on good terms with you, especially if you bother to read anything I write, especially if you do so as a fan of my work.

Also, because we are both people and sometimes apologizing to other people is a good way of acknowledging our own imperfections – especially when we aren’t the EQ Ultragenius.

Angie has helped me get a little advertising for An Adventure in Indianapolis to work.
Please check it out.  The novel is good.

Like pretty much everyone else, I am glad we are not all identical because of what the world would really be like if everyone was.  I think it is good that there are people like me, but I kind of like deodorant and indoor heating.  I don’t know that I would come up with anything like that.

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