Watch The Love


Watch The Love

Watch The Love

When the Night turns velvet,
When stars romance the moon,
When crickets sing duets,
When the sea blows kisses to the beach,
I hear you….

Through the waves, and ages
I wonder which threads you weave,
I see you…
Through the glinting sun
Through the storms,
I glimpse you.

Through the flitting birds,
Through the sighing trees,
I feel you…
Through the Eternal Light….


I am black,
Not of the darkness,
But evidence of sameness
Of the Maker’s wheel.

I am black,
Not condemned,
But redeemed,
From the yoke of darkness.

I am black,
In their Holy books,
They treat me with dread,
They give me no bread,
But leave me as dead,
To the lofty heights of HIM.

I am black,
My tears are white,
My blood is red,
My intellect as sharp,
My religion as simple
In a single strand to HIM

In every flower,
Through the winds,
Into every depth
Across the meadows
I see HIS greatness
And in simple worship,
Make simple worship
To HIM through all
His servants in creation.

They may call me black,
They may see me dark
They even deny me pact
That truly of a fact
My blackness of skin
Is not evidence of sin
I am but another color
That reflects the spectrum
Of GOD’s act of Eternal love!


In a room full of laughter
Your soul is quiet

A cold dank cell
The heat of your longing
Keeps you sweating

The starry skies
The soft call of doves
Brings you close to tears

Butterflies flit the air
Buttercups in your hair
You should be laughing

The thump of your heart
As you sit by the hearth
As the embers glow golden

How lonely the stars feel
How coldly mother hugs me
How desperately I miss you

The rain
Was not the problem
But the staccato drumming
On the roof
Then the silent swish
The leak of the thatch

In the dark
We groped
Hands missing targets
But pants and groans
The rain was not wasted
In the gathering puddle
Close to the mat
Passion expiated
We searched
For our dignity
As Shango roared.

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