Prayer Books of The Metaverse


Prayer Books of The Metaverse

Prayer Books of The Metaverse

On the corner of the street
People gather but do not meet.

Rocking on their heels, arched backs
Typing with two thumbs tip, tip, tap.

Into a mobile phone’s tiny screen
Where deeds, banal to extreme.

Are curated, shared, monetised
Reality customised.

Truth framed before it takes hold
Scripted in a clickbait mode.

What you see you do not get
Delusion is a real threat.

From nations ditching reason
For conspiracy and treason.

To weaklings as warriors
In an army of avatars.

Simplistic solutions abound
As populists gain ground.

Both the right and left have trolls
Whose foul mouths do well at the polls.

Their hate speech flows like sewage
Engulfing decency and courage.

People on the street disperse
Their phones prayer books of the metaverse

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