Stop The Clock


Stop The Clock

Stop The Clock – The Boxer

(Overheard on the radio: Life is like a boxing match in which you have to fight, but you can never win)

Stop the fight
I’ve had enough
The relentless
Pounding of
Leather gloves
The bruised ribs
The facial cuts
The broken nose
The head-butts

The bestial glee
On ring-side faces
Baying for violence

Hapless seconds
Urge me on
Without conviction

“Watch out for
The killer punch”
Is their only
tactical Interjection

Head spinning
Senses closing down
I stagger to my feet
Egged on by the crowd
I’m unable to advance
or retreat

When, out of nowhere
A barrage of body blows
Sends me crashing to the floor
My head bouncing off the ropes
Into unconsciousness…
No longer living to fight another day.

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