The Table That Theo Made


The Table That Theo Made

The Table That Theo Made 

The Table That Theo Made 
Stands like a Trojan horse 
In the middle of the dining room. 

A piece of functional beauty 
Without threat or deceit 
As solid as a battering ram. 

30 years stuck to the same spot
Bearing the emotion and stress
Of family-life discussions.

Without a creak of strained timber
Holding up the lies
0f thieving boyfriends.

Unfaithful partners
Thumping fists
Echoing anger or the joy of good news celebrations.

Its four sturdy legs
Immaculately dovetailed
Revealing nothing more than
Expert carpentry.

A table that could withstand
An earthquake’s falling masonry
But could not shield its maker
As cancer sneaked in
To claim another victory.

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