Everywhere You Go


Everywhere You Go

Everywhere You Go

Everywhere you go
They are there
Moving fast and slow
On a busy thoroughfare

Lining city streets
Outside homes
Hulking blocks of metal
Confined to parking zones

From Bentley to Leaf
From A to B
Is a stop-start session
In inefficiency

A billion-plus ignitions
Belching CO2
Shredding tire rubber
Coated in oily goo

Slick ads show
Futuristic designs
But under the bonnet
It’s still model-T-time

A revolution is pending
Self-drive the cause
The process will be safer
But boring, of course

Gunning an engine
Hitting the road
Turbo-charged language
Will enter a softer mode

They could become hybrid
Road and air
But whatever happens
They will still be everywhere

PAIN – Rene van Helsdingen, Giacomo Dominici, Ivan Gambini,
Mark Fuller, Gerard Mosterd, Peter Gentur

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