My Daily Internet Fix


My Daily Internet Fix

Since around 10 am last Friday, I suddenly lost my usual internet connection.

My Daily Internet Fix

The only thing I was able to do up until yesterday was to send the odd email. Due to the version of IP software I was using at the time, I lost all connection to the super-fast 3G network from my provider.

Each day I tried unsuccessfully to log on to try and download the latest software version, but because of its slow speed, time after time I lost the connection.

In my desperation, I tried contacting my IP through the retail outlet where I purchased my package and was told that there was little they could do.

They gave me the phone number of the “Technical Support” section of my provider, suggesting that there was possibly something wrong with my connection – Duh!

Of course, there was something wrong, they hadn’t bothered to tell me that the package I was using had reached its sell-by date and that I needed to download the latest software package!

Internet providers are more than happy to take your money. But when it comes to customer relations, they are sadly lacking.

I have now saved the specific page for software downloads to my list of “Favourites” on my computer. If they can’t be bothered to tell me when the latest version of the software is available, at least now I can check for myself from time to time…

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