Don’t Look for Heroes, Be One!


The former spokesman for Subway Sandwiches has been found guilty of child porn.

The baseball player hits his wife, or takes steroids. We elevate celebrities to hero status. He can hit a baseball, that’s nice.

hogans-heroesWhat if it leads to a case of heartbreak for a young child, when their hero or heroine is fallible? This is still a human being, for better or worse. What can be done?

I’m going to paraphrase something my Dad used to say about genealogy; don’t look for ancestors, be one! “I’m changing this to “Don’t look for heroes, be one.”

You think you can only be a celebrity, but that isn’t true at all. You don’t have to pull people out of burning buildings.

My point is, you can be a hero just for doing what you do best. A teacher, a carpenter, etc. Live a good life, actions not words. Don’t look for heroes, be one.

  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    I agree. We’re all heroes one way or another if our heart and mind is full of love for others.

  2. Avatar of tucsonmike
    tucsonmike says

    Thank you, Joyce, that is what I wanted to get across.

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