The Heartbeat of Kusy


On the 105th anniversary of the birth of Janusz Tadeusz Kusociński, Olympian. – In 1932 at the Los Angeles Olympics of the X-th Olympiad – Janusz Tadeusz Kusociński of Poland won the 10,000 meter race.  Kusociński, nicknamed “Kusy” by his fellow Poles was born January 15, 1907 in Warsaw – and he was executed for Resistance Activity by the Nazi’s along with more than 2000 other Polish athletes, intellectuals and politicians on June 21, 1940 in the town of Palmiry near Warsaw in Poland during the World War II – NAZI occupation of Poland.


The heart in the chest beats fast, furious, ferocious and free

The universe is listening to the sound, silently, softly

There is no breath, the lungs barely move, mindful of effort

The only air is the wind parting in honored reverence

Before the body that carries the heart…

The heart of Kusy.


The heart of a warrior worthy of Warsaw

Far from his home city to bring honor and glory back

The ground wishes to make each step lighter, less onerous

For Gaea herself is honored to have him walk on her

To carry the feet that carry the body that carries the heart…

The heart of Kusy.


Both faces of Janus turn to look in one direction

All the Gods of Olympus stop their idle chatter

Los Angeles roars as the audience tunes in to the heart beat

Housed in the flesh and blood and sinew of a son of Poland

To the beating of the elemental, energized, elephant heart…

The heart of Kusy.


Xenophon wakes in Hades and yells at Cerberus

“Tell me foul dog?  Have the 10,000 come back to life?

For I hear such a pulsing, pounding on the ground

As though a herd of Persian Elephants were passing by

Surely a vast army is marching overhead to do battle!”

But it isn’t, it is only the heart of Kusy.


But the beast yawns and growls back: “No general,

your mercenaries are still dead, what you hear, what woke you

Is the 10,000 meters being run at the Olympics in Los Angeles

The Angels have noticed as well, the pounding sound are the feet

Of the winner and the roar of the adorning Angeles crowd.”

Xenophon stands up and listens to the beating of the heart of Kusy


“What is his name and what city does he call home?” he asks

“His name is Janusz Tadeusz Kusociński, a Pole from Warsaw.”

Xenophon looks the foul beast in the eye and smiles

“Tell the Gods then to give him a heroic death,

He deserves it for waking the dead with the power of his heart!”

The heart that beat the ten-thousand, the heart of Kusy.

January 15, 2011 –  Konrad Tademar

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