Introduction to Fairies


Introduction to Fairies

Introduction to Fairies

Since fairies go where humans go, even today they have been spotted from top to bottom, east, and west, from continent to continent and around the universe.

Most fairies are good but can be naughty, as an everyday day dog or cat getting into mischief. Do you suppose travelers are hauling them in their pockets, laptops, or phones even now as we speak?

Some Fairies can even be touched, hugged, or captured while diving in a teapot following the sparkling bubbles.  There is always a way to think themselves out of trouble with magical beings.

When Peter, Tink, and Pinocchio were introduced to the others, they were all eager to get up and personal with Peter, the golden boy who never wanted to grow up. They all missed Tink and Pinocchio who was now living with Peter in Neverland. They just arrived at Willawikki for the oncoming Art Festival.  They were sitting in the town square watching the fun.

First, he glanced at Nina, she was eyeing him timidly. He went a little pale and shivered a bit and smiled. Nina smiled back, tossing her long blond hair, and giggling. She reminded him of a younger Wendy with her long blond hair and blue eyes. She thought Peter looked like her dad, when young, whom she adored. They all were nymphs.

Since Nina was the teacher of the children, she was extra familiar with computers and the internet. Yes, even fairies had their own Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. She took the children on guided tours of the world of humans via their computers.

A nymph is a mythological spirit interested in love more than anything else. They are human-like, some almost four feet, beautiful and trim. They were considered divine spirits with a friendly nature but don’t make them angry.

I am Bee, a nymph, four feet tall with long neon green hair. I am delighted to have Peter and Tink, my sister here. Peter looked handsome and friendly.

The King and Queen were nurturing to the many who found their way here, including Pinocchio and Geppetto. Fairies were taught to be kind to all lessor magical entities that can be found living near us.

Peter & Nina at the Park

Nina escorted Peter to the park that first week, where all the other fairies were singing and splashing in a cool lake nearby. It was then Tink quickly flew to Peter and Nina who were talking and laughing. Seeing their enchantment with each other, Tink started pulling Peter’s hair and pinching Nina. “Stop it, I said stop liking each other!”

“Ouch,” said Nina. Peter, can’t you get that S…tinker to stop pinching me?”

Peter shook his head and laughed. Sorry, I’ll have a talk with her later.  She’s been with me a long time.

Just then, a quarrel bust out at the children’s swings, everyone was screaming and Tink flew over. The younger kids were making fun of the way the fairies dressed in homemade flowers, ribbons, and bouquets. Fairies had no fancy clothes, name-brand jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes.

The magical creatures knew they didn’t dress to impress, and they laughed at the kids. But Tink saved the day magically. She loved to do good things when no one was watching.

By noon, everyone was magically appearing to wear Levi blue jeans, Old Navy t-shirts, and varied name-brand shoes. Wahoo, however, the kids hardly noticed because they were busy on the climbing bars, slides, and water splashing in the lake.

They had the most fun chasing ducks, swimming, and throwing rocks at leaping lizards and squawking geese. All the while, the slippery green frogs were belching a symphony “Hi Ho, I am me. The best I can be.”

Fairies love to hang with humans. If you are wondering what do fairies want from humans? Fairies love shiny and sparkly things, particularly things no one else seems to want, like old buttons, charms, paperclips, and hairpins.  They love milk, honey, and bread. They don’t, however, like human money. That is why they like to give it away when they collect your teeth from under your pillows.

I don’t know for sure where fairies come from, but it has been said that when the first baby first cried when born, his voice broke into thousands of pieces, and they became fairies and flew all over the world. It is also thought whenever a child says, “I don’t believe in fairies,” a fairy somewhere falls down dead.

The fairies were also shapeshifters and could turn into hummingbirds or whatever, at a moment’s notice. Then they fly around the children with speedy wings, dropping fairy dust, to keep them jumping high, and free.

Another type of Brownie is a small male creature, between one and two feet tall, who lives with an assigned human. In the evening, the Brownies cooked, cleaned, and mended for their assigned human. In the morning, they were delighted to be given bread, milk, and honey for their pay.

Jesse & Bea

Jesse knocked on Bee’s door later in the day. He couldn’t take his eyes off Bee when she answered the door. He thought her unusually attractive with her bright neon hair and green eyes. Their eye pupils were doing somersaults as they looked at each other. “I’m Jessie,” he said.

“Hi, Jesse, I’m Bee.” Both smiling and a little uncomfortable with their flushed cheeks and hair in a chaotic mess.

Jesse said, “I’m here to pick up your festival stuff to take to town for you.” He looked around casually and was a little nervous. He hadn’t really had much to do with others like Bea.

They spent the day together loading lamps, chairs, vases, and new artifacts to the town square. While resting, the two listened to music, talked, and got acquainted. They had much in common.

Bee loved Jesse’s eyes which were green which was a good thing, Bee thought. The color of nature is always a good personality trait. His mustache was brown, the color of earth.

And, like her Pop’s, Jesse had a mane of beautiful neon green hair around his neck and shoulders. A Fairy’s skin tone can vary from purple, to green, pink, and blue. The most common are the peaches & cream tones like Bee, Nina, and their mom, a human.

Jesse’s skin tone was lighter-toned neon green. When sitting together, together they were eating blueberry jam sandwiches washed down by milk.

Jesse and Bee were getting along wonderfully. Bee loved being in the arms of Mother Nature, but she sometimes longed to be hugged herself. It was ironic Jesse was attracted to her because of her neon hair.

Bee often thought, “Who could love such as I with my neon green hair? My neck was so short, and most believed I had none at all. I have a pointy nose and ears. I sometimes feel like I have two reflections. One is smiling and one is not. “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest Fairy of them all?” Where is my own true love?

* * *

Spring Backwards Poem

If only I could turn back time,
No longer living like Spring,
entirely into myself,
like a budding rose,

My bounty of colors fading,
my rapture gone,
no lustrous leaves or new budding,
my outside wrappings wrinkling,

And my insides shuddering,
my head bowed in reverence
by heavy teardrops, 
my soul crying out for permanence
when there is none.

“We are by nature observers, and thereby learners.
That is our permanent state.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

* * *

Peter & Word Games

Later in the week, all the magical beings were at the education department where Nina worked. She had invited Peter to introduce Pinocchio to the many magical beings here. One asked “What do you do all day in Neverland?

Peter said they often played word games with each other, he then asked the others, “If you were a cartoon character, which one would you be?

One ogre answered, “I’d be Shrek,” he laughed and rubbed his tummy. He was always hungry, and when around, pies and picnic baskets always disappeared. So good…yum.

“I’d rather be a puppy,” said another ogre. There is nothing more fun than ­ licking a pretty face.”

They all shouted, “Wahoo, make us one of the 101 Dalmatians give us each someone pretty to lick.” They all laughed.

One of the elves called out, “Hey guys, “I want to be Santa. I want to give our presents with Rudolph guiding my slay.” Laughter all around. The local elves spent their days carving wood toys for the children.

A donkey was grazing nearby and began hollering,” Hey, guys, I’d be Shrek’s donkey, wahoo. Yep, I’d be a movie star, maybe even get me a Dragon chick and have some chicklets.”   Laughter all around. They were all available on Fairy Netflix for free.

Another fairy called out to Peter. “How about another word game, ok?

“Okay. If you could win a lifetime of anything you wanted, what would you choose?” questioned Peter.

For me, said the squirrel, “I’d want a lifetime of nuts.”

An ogre called out “That’s because he’s nuts.” They all laughed.

A sharp cry from a goat nearby was heard, loud and clear. He then fell to the ground with a thug. His legs were reaching for the sky. He then quickly called out.  “Am I too late?

I always sleep through the best part. I’d like to have a lifetime of nose salt to wake me when I faint. I just hate missing everything funny and interesting.” They all laughed and cheered the goat up on his feet.

An alligator nearby getting bored, tipped his head goodbye to the others and flipped his tail before diving deep.

Wow, isn’t life in Willawikki fun? They all thought.

The next week Nina was teaching her class of children fairies, “shapeshifting.”  Shapeshifting was used by magical fairies for protection when in danger.

Nina continued, “I have been a stick, a little fish, a bird, a big bear, a tree, a stream, and many other things.” Then she read to them how Fairies ‘shapeshift’ when in trouble.

Peter & Tink

Beware the Ghostly Gum-Gum Trees
The younger beings with wings,
are especially vulnerable. They were told,
if any be so greedy as to climb,
to the top of the Ghostly Gum-Gum trees,
picking what was forbidden,
they would become branches themselves.

Later that week, Peter and Tink were flying by the river that ran through the village out north toward the Dunes of the Desert.  Below them, they spotted the most beautiful white cotton branches nestled at the top of one of the trees. Their trunks and branches were white and appeared strangely humanlike as if they could fly away.

Peter and Tink both smelled the sweet lavender scents of the white pear-shaped fruit cups hanging close to what looked like sun-drenched golden coins. Peter and Tink could not resist and flew closer and closer. Suddenly, two of the branches actually reached out to them so quickly, Tink and Peter didn’t have time to react. The branches grabbed both by the feet. Oh, no, what were they to do?

Peter’s instincts kicked in and used his magic as he was taught. He turned into a hummingbird, circling the branches around and around until the branches became so knotted, they fell back to the top of the tree.  Tink got entangled in the branches as they fell.

Peter looked and looked for Tink. He thought maybe she had already gone home.

Flying home alone was very worrisome. Peter flew over a wide sea of sand stretched away as far as their eyes could see. Sandhills and dunes rolled and dipped all the way to the horizon. The dunes flittered with golden lights showed him the way back home.

Tink was very tired and became overcome from the lavender scents that put her in a deep sleep. She was lovingly cradled by the branches that serenaded her with the sound of tinkling bells while she slept. Her last thoughts before drifting off to sleep were how her heart fluttered with love for Peter. If only he knew how to love her back. She may be the size of his thumb, but her heart was big as he.

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