Be Not Afraid Saint Michael

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Saint Michael

Be Not Afraid Saint Michael

Chapter 1

Hello to Bundaloosa

Satan was a beautiful angel at the beginning of time. He had curly blond hair and big blue eyes. But when thrown out of Heaven by St.
Michael, on God’s request, ugly claimed its own. He now was an ugly dragon with a fiery deposition. With the key to hell and a chain to
wrap around the dragon’s neck, Michael ushered him into the Gates of Hell.

Digging his way out of hell became a full-time job for him. Possibly digging for centuries until a great implosion of natural gasses and the moving of the plates of the earth helped the dragon reach daylight.

He took some time to discover what the years had done to the earth while he was imprisoned underneath. Many surprises came to him as he flew high enough around the earth not to be detected.

He flew high, UP, UP, UP, and away! He did cartwheels fast and furious. He flew up, down, and around. He loved his new freedom of flight so long denied him.

His wings were quivering from the excitement of it all, and his ears blew a song of nostalgia in the wind. Freedom, I never want to go to hell again. I must change my ways and favor God.

Unbeknownst to the dragon, halfway between Heaven and Earth, he landed on one of the many floating islands of Bundaloosa.

This was not the Heaven he knew. “But what was this floating island in the sky?” He was curious.

Very excitedly, he flew around the floating islands observing smaller humanoid people with wings. They seemed completely unaware of him and/or did not fear him. He followed them in their daily activities.

The dragon decided to take his time before announcing his arrival. He flew to the top of the highest island mound.

There he claimed a comfy spot to lay his head and body down. He was very tired. His lair was hidden by foliage, rocks, and boulders, and he was accompanied only by bats flying around singing to him.

All were discreet and unimagined, thinking to himself before dozing off, “I must change my evil ways. I will do anything to not return to hell. I must learn to bond with these humanoids with wings. I will befriend all, and with their magic and mine, I will rise!

Laughing so hard at the irony, he coughed up flames of fire around his lair, burning his tale in his enthusiasm and eagerness to bond with the little people with wings.

Chapter 2

Meeting the Fairies

In the early morning, when the sun was opening to a new day in Bundaloosa, the sky suddenly began to open and outshot the dragon into the light flying over a full forest with the welcoming smells of freshness.

He still flew high enough from the others that they were unaware of his impending arrival. He enjoyed the town square and the singing of the children. Many gathered there, and all was peaceful.

Later, he landed in the town square, a little quiet for a dragon. All the kids gathered around him. He was confused at their lack of fear of him. The older ones also gathered and asked him, “who are you, and where did you come from?”

He slowly said, “Helloooo.”

“I came from the earth. They call me Luther. Can I rest here for a while? I come in peace and will not harm anyone or anything.”

They all laughed and shook their heads okay.

Everyone got back to what they were doing. He watched children chase butterflies. Everyone welcomed this new stranger from the earth. He was advised to seek counsel from the King and Queen as soon as possible.

“He thought of himself as bigger, better, and smarter. Filled with self-glory, he spent time learning what to do and what not to do in this strange land to gain the favor of these fairies.

The town was holding a feast for a festival, and the dragon joined in by coughing up fire on the vegetables laid out on the table. They all cheered when he cooked all the vegetables, just perfect for eating.
He gave the children rides around the courtyard. Everyone was joyful.

“Yes, he thought. I will be their leader soon.”

Unfortunately, just when the dragon was getting comfortable with the fairies and the children, out of the thunderclouds, St. Michael appeared in a gold chariot drawn by 12 white horses with wings. They were encircled by many guardian angels.

Their destination was the floating islands known as Bundaloosa — where God’s fairies and angels resided.

The crowd huddled together, unsure of what came next. Landing in front of the crowd gathered, St. Michael stood up from the chariot.

His humanoid appearance was handsome but stern. His first words were, “BE NOT AFRAID. I am St. Michael. I was sent by God. I am here to teach you and protect you from all evil.”

There were greetings, and there were tears of joy. There were questions, and there was bowing.

But not all were happy at St. Michael’s arrival. High in the skies, the dragon screeched high in the skies. “Crap, not him again, just when I was getting comfortable.”

The surprised but grateful King and Queen eagerly welcomed St. Michael and his angels to their floating islands. They were advised to call him Michael.

He was taken by the King and Queen to their castle and greeted by their daughters, Tina, Bee, Willow, and her buddy Petey, a human from Neverland.

Their magical labradors, Thumper and Juno, quietened their barking long enough to stare at them in unison with their tails wagging and sparkling eyes bulging. They flew around the angels to get a better look.

Later, even their flying Yorkies, Bubbles and Chichi, lowered their barking and stopped flying around long enough to fight for lap space with the strangers.

After looking around, Michael sat down in a kingly chair as requested.
Michael praised all their work on the gardens, saying, “God was very pleased with the restoring of his original Garden of Eden once on earth, now on the floating islands.

God was also very pleased with Willow for helping mankind further their dreams and bringing them to Bundaloosa to study and find love.

Chapter 3

Michael & The Witch

The next day Michael and the others were walking around the castle and talking. Michael enjoyed the unfamiliar smells of the gardens and the beauty of the landscape.

He especially enjoyed the animals and their unconditional love for the fairies and angels.

Michael observed all angels and fairies as intelligent animals. Next were cats, dogs, apes, and marine animals like dolphins and beautiful mermaids that communicated eagerly with their hosts.

He was amused by the Ogers, and their primal mission to protect the fairies and angels at all costs.

Michael watched slugs crawling and turtles swimming. He watched frogs jump from place to place. He watched children play in and around the beautiful lakes and forests of mother nature.

He also marveled at the Gum-Gum tree forest, its majesty, and the amazing puppets created from the magical Gum-Gum Tree limbs. What great smells, a sense angels don’t usually have.

He especially enjoyed their Puppet Harry who served him tea later and chatted about leaping frogs and flying dogs.

Michael told them, “All God’s creations are special and smart in their own way. Our creator favors fullness, not emptiness. If there were no hosts like fairies or angels, there would be a great gap between God and Mother Nature.

Michael considered all the angels and fairies intelligent. Next were cats, dogs, apes, and marine animals like dolphins and mermaids, he enjoyed their communication with one another. He was amused by Ogers, and their primal mission to protect all at all costs.

Michael watched slugs crawling and turtles swimming. He watched children and others loving mother nature. He also admired the forest, its majesty, and the amazing puppets created from the magical Gum-Gum Trees. What a great day to be in Bundaloosa!

He especially enjoyed their Puppet Harry who served him tea and cookies while chatting and singing to him.

Then they all returned to the castle, followed by some curious townsfolk. Behind them stalked a woman dressed in black.

After settling in, there was a loud knock at the front door. Then, the door flew open with a bang.

Michael’s three guardian angels materialized before a witch, with their three flaming swords at her waist.

The witch, barking dogs, and Ogres were posted outside. All backed up at the sight of the flaming swords.

Since angels were not subject to the laws of physics like us, Michael also appeared in front of the witch, and the three guardian angels disappeared.

Even though they were no longer visible, they remained vigilant in case Michael needed them.

“What is your problem, old woman?”

Michael asked. “Why be so rude as to enter a room before being welcomed?”

His voice was stern, and his handsome face was glowing with the light of God.

His seven-foot humanoid body towered over the witch’s four-foot frame.
“I’m seldom welcomed by your kind. I feel like you will be interested in the infant I brought with me.

I have a story to tell you. Maybe, you will understand this nonsense more than I do.

I’m afraid I have had the misery of giving birth to this ornery bag of crap that won’t stop crying.

You see, months ago, I dreamt I was floating on clouds, watching the stars pass by, but when they started exploding, I awoke with my gown above my head. The moon set then, and the sun rose.

Nine months later, I delivered this ripe infant with the lungs of an elephant, and I was even left unable to stand erect.”

Michael replied, “What do you want from us, old one?”

“Take him, I am not the virgin Mary. I have no use for him. He won’t stop crying.” She pushed the child forward as if it was a parcel rather than her child.

Michael received the child in his arms softly. He cradled him while saying, “It is a shame you do not look upon this beautiful child as a miraculous gift from God, which it seems to be.”

Then more seriously, he said, “Be away with you, evil one. God will not tolerate a mother giving her infant away. You will face your comeuppance through his eyes when he walks as a man.”

The witch turned around, hiding her smile as she left their gaze, zooming off on her flying broom, thinking about how she will use the child to become the Queen of Bundaloosa someday soon.

They all wanted to hold him. What a miraculous gift is an infant with his whole future ahead of him, even if he were the son of a witch.

Michael handed the infant to Bee soon after. She carried the infant to the dormitory for bathing and feeding. He had long stopped crying and began cooing and gurgling when his belly was full, and his cloth diaper sack was empty, soft, and clean.

He loved the bubbles that washed him clean and laughed as he splashed his hands in the water, as most happy children do.

Whatever the witch’s intention for her son was, Michael had his own plans for him. He named the boy Levi after his father. They immediately christened Levi to cast out any evil ways he might have inherited from his mother.

Bee was still worried, wondering why the witch had not given the infant to other witches instead of us.

Witches were known to steal pretty babies from the townsfolk and leave screaming monster babies in their place. Could this be a changeling?

As time passed, no one could resist loving this little boy with curly blond hair and big blue eyes.

The infant cooed, gurgled, and watched the dogs play daily. They also loved watching him protectively.

At night, the dogs became uneasy, stalking back and forth while looking up. They knew the dragon was out there. Dogs do not like it when new arrivals do not make themselves known.

In these times, the dragon flew over the castle, screeching and throwing flames just short of the court. Michael reaffirmed to all, “Do not be afraid. The dragon knows I am here. I was sent to protect you.”

They all agreed everybody is going to hurt you. We need not be afraid to love the ones worth suffering for, like family, loved ones, and Levi.

Chapter 4

Levi & Michael

Levi and Michael were our cherished guests. Under Michael’s instructions, Bee and the others cared for the baby like their own.

He became a toddler in no time, walking and talking to Michael as a four-year-old in just a few weeks. Michael spent much time teaching him right from wrong.

Levi became a teenager at month’s end. His aging mystifies all except Michael. He accepted that Levi’s growth spurt was probably gifted and was for the best. As his time was limited, Michael even shared his magic with Levi when the time was right.

When Michael returns to the heavens, Levi will remain, walking as a man, protecting the Bundaloosa fairies.

The dragon did not attempt to hurt anyone but needed to clear up matters between him and Michael.

All of us are beautiful, smart, or talented. These are the three things we all wish for, even fairies.

We’re all unique and born with extraordinary gifts. Some of us may have the advantage of gab or listening.

Others may have the gift of following.

Those gifted as leaders like Michael, the King and Queen, and their daughters. Each is especially helpful to those drifting unsure of their gifts or lives.

Even though the fairies had beauty and more than average intelligence, they were obsessed with acquiring knowledge.

Willow’s job was to gather all those with special knowledge to study.
Despite her self-confidence problems, Willow followed her heart when she learned of a hardworking woman with a heart of gold on earth.

Her name was Hildegard von Bingen, one of the most prolific earthly women ever known. Hildegard, much like Levi, was very skilled from an early age.

On earth, she told Willow she experienced visions that were perhaps angels that later helped her form Christian doctrines all over the earthly plane.

Hildegard showed much interest in the science of the body. She was immediately excited for a chance to study the fairies while they studied her.

Despite her gifts, she was unhappy and lonely on earth. Once at Bundaloosa, she was given a makeover by her fairy godmother.

Now, looking like a princess, she scored a dance with Benjamin Franklin, an earthling also brought to Bundaloosa for his many talents.

Both needed love and companionship the most. Benjamin was previously one of the founding fathers of the US on earth. He was also a scientist, inventor, politician, printer, and author.

On the floating islands, Willow thought his knowledge would be more than invaluable.

With his previous experience on earth, he created the first public lending library in Bundaloosa.

For everyone to enjoy reading, he introduced bifocals, an earthly invention. He also made glass harmonicas for all to play.

He even showed the Brownie fairies, who did most of the cooking, how to make and use a new stove he invented for cooking on earth.

As a diplomat, he clearly could help keep the peace between the many tribes of fairy islands.

Benjamin and Hildegard married soon after their meeting, and months later, their first newborn was a girl they named Benji.

Levi and Benji, both young adults now, struck up a fast friendship while walking around the village.

She was now tall, slender, and a beauty to behold. She was as intelligent as her parents from an early age.

Levi was taller, a handsome young man like Michael, and a master of language. He was trained as a warrior bent on protecting others.

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