Segno Tre Volte


Come to me, oh seekers of the ghost

Come to me, oh seekers of hope
Come to me, oh seekers of love
I am the truth of the sane anticipation
I am the truth of the wise adoration
I am the bridge across which the desert wind never blows

There…. the white robes flutter in the wind, can you see?
The rooster crows, but I hear only my own voice

For there are secrets only the white robe may know
For there are spaces only the stones in the desert may see
For there is a shadow fallen upon this city of men
And the only way forward is to blind yourself with the sand
And the only way out is to know that concupiscence leads to loss
And the only way through is to walk across the bridge

The desert is calling, the feet have wings
You! Are you not one of them?

Come to me, oh hunters of the spirit
Come to me, oh hunters of optimism
Come to me, oh hunters of passion
I am the reality of rational discourse
I am the reality of the mind’s lofty heights
I am the portal through which all must pass to reach the shore of safety

The beak of the ibis is carrying a scroll
I hear the rooster, but I am deaf

For there are buried treasures known only to the returned
For there are hidden caves full of the winds of change
For there are temptations so nuanced that you will not know you have fallen
And the only way, is the way of the crimson stained rock on an upside down cross
And the only music is the beating of your heart in tandem with the heart of sanity

And the only path, is the road less traveled, across the desert

The clouds part and the moon and the sun have risen together
They point their fingers at me, and yet I do not understand

Come to me, oh sailors of the winds of fate
Come to me, oh inspired breathers of the hidden art
Come to me, oh lovers of the unknown
I am the sanity you seek
I am the salvation your soul craves
I am the one who has been revealed

The sands uncover a silver caduceus, and the serpents come alive
The rooster crows again, and I am filled with shame.

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