The Real Me


The Real Me, The Real Me
Took me awhile to finally see,

What it would take to find the real me.
Searching for true moments in time,
I began to embrace a life that was mine.

Years of suppressing the real key,
Happier than ever, I could finally see.
Not knowing if I had the confidence; right or wrong,
My heart was dancing to a brand new song.

I unpacked my camera and planned my day,
It was hours before I ended my play.
The vision arose from someplace so deep,
The photos will be ones that I will always keep.

The more I tried new and fun ways,
Brought me closer to know how I would spend my days.
After all these years of trying to be,
I can say I did find, the real me.

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  1. The Real Me, The Real Me
    joycewhite says

    Sounds like you found me, too.
    All artists wondering from hour to hour.
    Searching is the key to joy. Joyce

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