Running into Love


I am stolen.

I am like a car that has ran buck wild in your state.
Steal me. I promise I won’t tell.

Did I tell you that I felt your key when it turned inside my heart?
Do you know I am leaving the door to my secret place open for you?
There. There.

I want you to sneak in, that way I won’t feel so venerable when I fall for you.

Do you got it? Can I get it?
More I mean…..

Do you have it?
More I mean…..

I can give it
More I mean……

Can you feel me?
Do you want to feel me?
More I mean…..

After words….We spoke in moves
The kind of moves that words cannot keep up with
After words…..I turned over and faced his love
We could not speak….
Some things are too profound to mention…

After words we ran into love…………

I don’t need to take a glass of water to bed.
My throat will not be dry tonight
You see I swallowed the thought of your love
And it will keep my lips moist until the morning..

I don’t need to hold my pillow tonight
I am holding you in my heart of hearts and that is all the cushion I need.

I don’t need to call you…
For your voice is ringing in my head telling me that you are all the man I will ever need.

I will never let my mind wander or my heart drift
For everything I am feeling is all I will ever need.

What I do need is for you to spill over inside my guts….
Whisper in my ear…
Hold me, like I held you in this dream
Don’t ever wake me up…..

For I am stolen

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  1. Avatar of Andrew J. Sacks
    Andrew J. Sacks says

    Cynthia, fine work again!

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