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If I had to write a letter to my love I would never even have to sign my name.
He would know by the missing periods in our love and the comma’s that should have been a break in time.
My love would smell my gentle perfume inside the alphabet’s that I never had to spray because he gave me that scent so he could always smell my heart.

If I had to write a letter to my love….

If I wrote a letter to my love tonight I would take him to mountains so high just so he could see how far my heart has dropped when he ignored my beat. The sky would reach down and show him that even though we are miles apart we are still looking at the same moon. A moon that we once looked at from the same porch where our laughs rang out in a distance so close I can feel his shadow in my soul.

If I can just write a letter to your soul.

If I had to write a letter to my love it would not be filled with tears. My heart is looking for the beat it is missing and I may not be able to see it if I allow my tears of regret to cloud my vision. I want you to smell my love. The love that you leave inside of me is so powerful that even when I bathe I can still see your hand prints upon my vessel where your fingers explored my love.

I want to invite you to read my heart without magnification. Some things are only meant to be seen in small spaces. There is a love that is buried so deep in my words that you can define me tonight by a single word… you make it up for I have no idea how to define something so deep that even my kidneys miss your presence….

If I wrote a letter to you tonight, would you read it?

If I wrote a letter to you, would you just write me down in your book of love and mail it to my heart?

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  1. Avatar of Paula Boer
    Paula Boer says

    Beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.

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