Teach Me How to Love…


Teach Me How to Love

There is too much love inside my pillow tonight. The beauty of two pillows with dents can never be replaced on top of each other. The dents are not deep enough.

Teach Me How to Love

I want my pillow to sway with the saliva that only good love can bring. The space that has filled my past memories has all been blessed with a new desire that I cannot control.

Teach me your love…
I want to learn your love from a view deep inside your heart. But my past fears and many pains from insecurities keep blocking my path.

The desperate need to love you gets out of control and it causes me to control a love that only you have the method to…

Teach me your love…
The hatred that runs inside my soul for a past that I lost control of has me spinning and when my top stops you are gone and I am lost.

I need to grab the reins of my fears and the doubts of my own inner strength to meet you in a valley that only I can visit.

A valley filled with soothing strokes of lessons learned and not love burned….

I beg of you, Teach me your love…
I will never share this lesson of love. I will guard it with my birthright. The birthright I have earned into a future I have drawn from past tunnels.

Hold my hand and walk me out this final door. For if you only hold my hand and whisper very strongly into my heart I will give ears to your voice.

I will follow you to a classroom that only you can teach and be a student in a world of love only meant for me to learn…

Teach me, for I have never learned how to love

  1. Avatar of Joyce White
    Joyce White says

    It is a shame out of all the viewers none has commented. We all know the kind of love described above. Are we too fearful to talk about it? Brave words. Thank you. We hardly see this kind of love on paper.

  2. Avatar of
    Anonymous says

    Thank You Joyce White..

  3. Avatar of Debra Payton
    Debra Payton says

    Wow….moving, soul stirring. All my feelings displayed in words. You are truly blessed. Thank You.

  4. Avatar of Dee
    Dee says

    all that is hitting my mind is teach me. love the piece

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