Why I Don’t Vote


They had an election in Ontario recently. True to form, the phone calls came.  All the major political parties called and I told them the same thing- I don’t vote. I was scolded and warned with the usual, prepared statements that I am sure what they say to everyone.  “Why don’t you vote, sir?”

“Any major political party that gets rid of that G1 and G2 graduated driver’s license system will get my vote,” I would growl.
“You don’t have a driver’s license?” they all would say. “How are old are you again, sir?”
“All I’m telling you,” I would respond, trying not to get angry. “Is that the graduated license system should be applicable to those in their teens only!”
“But, sir!”
Canada-Elections“No,” I would interrupt. “That Bob Rae nanny state law has to go. We are several years away from having a wireless, rechargeable hybrid/solar panel powered batmobile on roadways. In fact, according to recent TMZ reports teen heartthrob, Justin Bieber, has it! As soon as it happens to the rest of us, the demand for the right electric vehicle will be there and that demand alone will create an economic boom that will power the automotive industry out of this Great Recession!”
A long period of soul-searching would then go on. “That’s interesting, sir,” they would say, clearing their sinuses in their wretched cubicle. “I’ll have to pass that on, sir, but…”
“But what?!” I would demand.
“Can we count on your support in this upcoming election?!”
Yes, the phone would click, giving me a dial tone.  Last time I looked, a person who is looking to get a driver’s license in Ontario must pass an eye exam, have a credit check, criminal background check, not on the terror watch list, and submit a DNA sample to the DNA Forensics Databases to confirm one is not convicted of felony sex offenses (and other violent crimes).  If that is not bad enough, one has to pass a complete psychological evaluation in order to even qualify to enter the G1/G2 graduated license system in Ontario. And this is all called progression by the mainstream media!  And these people wonder why I don’t vote!
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