Trump Protests Disguised as Cultural Marxism

Trump Protests Disguised as Cultural Marxism
Fidel Castro – MATS Terminal Washington 1959.

Trump Protests Disguised as Cultural Marxism

Imagine being a four-star general in the Cold War and your assistant goes to a fortuneteller for an intelligence briefing.

Even the Nazis had the Theosophical Society. The assistant learns the world faces a nuclear war unless changes are made that very moment. Suddenly the United Nations forces predominately Anglo-Saxon countries to let in immigrants. Nothing wrong with immigration because they make the joint more interesting.

From out of nowhere, the traditional family gets attacked by left-wing thinkers in higher learning. If things could get more crazy, CIA agents sell drugs in public housing units, all in predominately poor areas. They targeted Afro-Americans and Latinos. It happened too! At the climax of the Cold War, the USSR is defeated without firing a shot. Treaties were signed. Thus, on paper, the United States and Russia are one country. Hey, their armies train together and their leaders share the same bodyguards too. You wouldn’t believe where they discovered Vladimir Putin.

Yes, and that is how the Cold War ended. If that was not enough, they even united Canada and the United States on paper through the Canada and US Free Trade Agreement in the late 1980s. So the 1990s comes and all music, films, TV, and books–all go downhill. NAFTA promises jobs but in the end, factories close and the jobs go to Mexico and offshore.

Back in the 1990s, everyone lived from paycheck to paycheck but now, they live from credit card to credit card. In the 1970’s, homes cost 25,000 to 50,000 in Canada but at present, a home that can be bought for $150,000 in the United States would cost $1.5 million in Canada.

Thus, consumer debt in Canada is now over 3 trillion, higher than all government debts in the country. So consumer debt is skyrocketing, jobs are not easy to find, and a billionaire like George Soros enters the scene, funding Black Lives Matter. Yes, our governments, business leaders, and bankers set up a toxic situation. They fund all these groups that were traditionally disadvantaged. At present, these groups joined together to protest the election of Donald Trump.

First, it was the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and now there are the Trump protests. This all sets up the classical case of Cultural Marxism. Everyone funds these groups, the economy gets worse, the situation gets worse and the governments step in to instill communism. Don’t believe me, Google up Cultural Marxism.

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