Too Much Advice?


Too Much Advice?

Have you noticed how many ‘how to’ articles apparently written by seemingly successful writers are on offer these days?

Too Much Advice

The social media site Facebook is infested with them. I signed up for a Facebook writer’s group in the belief that it would be an outlet for writers to offer work for discussion.

Instead, every day when I go to it, I find nothing but endless numbers of ‘how to’ articles.

As the picture above says: “Thinking about writing or talking about writing or worrying about writing is not writing.”

Unfortunately, Goodreads is also infested with the same disease. There are endless discussion groups dedicated to tearing apart the work of successful authors.

One discussion group concerns the work of  Dan Brown. Who gives a damn about the quality of his writing so long as you enjoy reading it.

Dan certainly doesn’t, he’s laughing all the way to the bank. The guy found a formula that works and he’s milking it for all its worth. Good luck to him I say.

It is my firmly held belief that there are far too many armchair critics out there spewing their bile and offering bad advice. I put it down to their green-eyed envy, plus their own lack of literary success.

Instead of proffering unwanted advice people, get back to improving your own writing. Who knows, one day you may even manage to get something of your own into print.

Now you’ve read this, get back to your keyboard/pen and write till your fingers bleed!

  1. Avatar of Andrew Sacks
    Andrew Sacks says

    Jack, I would respond here–but I am too busy writing. 🙂

    1. Avatar of Jack Eason
      Jack Eason says

      Good for you Andrew. More power to you’re pen/pencil/keyboard. 😀

  2. Avatar of Mysti Parker
    Mysti Parker says

    Amen! I’ve decided that 2012, I’ve got to scale back on social networking and focus on the writing even more.

    I purposely avoid most how-to articles and books, because they tend to contradict each other. I’ve read a few good ones and glean some good tips from time to time. I really am enjoying one I’m doing now that has exercises. I even have a FB group who is doing them with me.

    I think the books/articles are ok IF you are practicing along with them. The MOST helpful thing to me is getting feedback from other writers and offering the same for them. By far the best help yet!

    1. Avatar of Jack Eason
      Jack Eason says

      Here, here Mysti – well said. For a writer to be able to talk over his/her current dilemma in his/ her MS is a good thing. 😀

  3. Avatar of andrea anderson
    andrea anderson says

    Great article!

    1. Avatar of Jack Eason
      Jack Eason says

      Thank you again Andrea 😀

  4. Avatar of Graeme Norgren
    Graeme Norgren says

    I have decided to offer some HOW TO! advice..

    Get on with it..

  5. Avatar of Graeme Norgren
    Graeme Norgren says

    Seriously though, too many people are experts from the armchair, perhaps they need to actually experience some of the subject they purport to know so much about.

    They could take a lesson from Toastmasters.

    Commend, Recommend, Commend.

    Especially on critique.

  6. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Here ,here Graeme 😀

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