A Ghost in the White House? (1)


Is there a ghost in the White House?  Some people believe the first night a new President sleeps in his new home he receives a visit from a ghost. If so, who is this ghost?  We all know a ghost is a soul leaving their body, but some not this world because of unfinished business.  I am positive past Presidents feel this way on their way out.

Is the ghost a manly spirit or a womanly spirit?  I heard it is a woman, one who is passionate, beautiful, and even saintly.  It is easy to understand how strange may sound, “A Ghost in the White House.”  Some people do believe in ghosts, and accept the fact, yes, a ghost can float through the halls but many people simply don’t believe in ghosts. It would take me more time to dive into the subject of ghosts, than one particular ghost; so, I will keep to the later.  Why, a ghost resides in the White House?  Portraits of ghosts, past Presidents, hang on the walls of the White House, and all but a few have gone on to experience the unknown.

Have you ever thought about being President and leaving a semi normal life and suddenly you are thrown into a den of wolves?  A Presidential candidate needs recognition, a name, and a group of men and women with influence to back them, which began years earlier.  So before a President walks through those front doors to set up house, plans were in the works, and now it happens.    

Ghost-in-the-White-HouseOnly the other day we learned about stripping the White House Tours to save seventy thousand dollars a year.  Tell me why a tour costs seventy thousand dollars, and why take away tradition – one that began hundreds of years ago.  A volunteer who knows the ropes can be the tour guide, and the White House has every inch of space covered by security, day and night.  A drawing card to Washington D.C. has always been a phone call to your representative, and a few days visiting various sites.  Will this take away from those family trips to Washington D.C.; a tradition for families now gone, will not solve a nations problems.

If safety was the reason, or something beyond our knowledge, I could accept that, but to close the doors to save the country from the shape it is in makes no sense whatsoever. 

I understand, right now you are saying to yourself, “She’s on a completely different topic.”  Think about it, how else will a common person view the portraits of Presidents in the White House; a gathering of ghostly figures. In my opinion, removing tours has deeper roots.   

This is a small example; the President is in the Press for some odd reason, and the change in Washington, once again, is taking more away from the people. When the President is in his second term, without a chance to run again, he is simply a passing star, and will do anything to go out a hero.  Those of us who have been inside the White House understand each portrait has its glory, and is part of our history, while other events along these same lines remain opened.    

History explained some news about our first President in the White House, and how he used the Oval Office for a bar room.  The President invited all classes of people into the people’s house.  We agree, no one is perfect, but no one will attempt to run for the seat of President with any secrets, untold.  I believe, one day we may fall back to those common people with similar complaints, testing Government, informing one another and sending loud voices to the White House.        

One of our past President’s, Jimmy Carter, talked to the public about a ghost living in the White House, and a few before his time had the courage to speak out.  President Carter might know the answer as to whom the womanly ghost is, who floats up and down the halls of the White House, but if you or I spoke about seeing a ghost in the White House, we would be tugged by the arm and thrown out.      

The employer knows every move a President makes – since he is the employee.  Words are twisted and what you hear from the press on one station simply does not match the fourth or fifth newscast.  What do the employers think?  Who are the employers, but you and I; we are the people and the President, our employee.  As in our past, and I am sure in our future, additional rallies,   protests, and signs will be part of Washington D.C. in front of Federal Buildings, or the White House:  We are the employers trying to get a statement across to the one person who works for many. Our employee will gaze toward the streets from his Oval office.

Could the ghost who flows through the halls of the White House leave messages along the way, as a guide to our future?  The ghostly woman may be hanging around to advise each new President, through a power larger than our nation. People are not all believers in ghosts, and a President in office would not admit to seeing a ghost. We have to remember, if a ghost takes to the new President in a bad way she could be delivering bad advice.  We believe in what we want to believe in, even a ghostly figure floating through the White House.

The President knows everything cannot be completed, as JFK said, “In one hundred days, or one thousand days,” and his own administration will be out the door before things are completed, but at times things are disregarded and the next President has other issues facing him, issues which were of no concern to the prior administration. 

Suppose the ghost of the White House tosses coins into a fountain of false hope.  She would be the only one to observe the splattering of water when the coin enters the fountain, and how many wishes would this ghost place in front of the President?  In the subconscious mind of the President, does the ghost take time to remind him of his promises to the people?  Does he hear a faint voice speaking inside his head about those people who need his help?  It would make since to those who believe in ghosts that our President has a secret advisor on duty to aid his people.  When something goes wrong, does she appear with words to help him out of any given situation?  The Ghost in the White House is the only one employer not seen or heard by others, and her respect for the employee, or President, can turn both ways. 

We often wonder what is happening inside the White House, and recall all the promises told at the convention, including dreams – a perfect agenda.  These plans were not made by one man alone, but many.  Yet only one man or woman will have his own private advisor, in the form of a ghost.  It has not taken a genius to be the President, but it takes someone who understands his employer, respects one on one talk, speaks out for those groups who supported him; a President wants to keep his job. Does the same President who wins a second term, lean back, keep to his agenda, or does he take a different path due to the fact he no longer needs to worry about the next election, but his legacy.   

One time I wrote, “Mr. President, What about This?”  We are the people you work for but we sit back and wait for an issue we believe to be important to surface.  We were the ones who marked the ballot, and hoped our choice was the right choice for our needs and the community.  A President should focus on the people he serves.  I suggested the common person have a place in the White House. 

Thinking back to the Presidents who walked through the front door for the first time; how many kept their promises they told during their campaign, and how many lied?  Does the ghost have cause to walk the halls more often with certain Presidents? 

History reminds us of the bad times, we whine about the present. At some point, we sound like a bunch of people who want everything yesterday; good things take time.  If a President rushes to satisfy his employers, he tends to do more harm than good. 

Let us assume the ghost is from the “Old World.”  The following statement from the Old World concerns America.  “We are a disinterested nation, and a nation of idealists.”

Now that we know our President is our employee, and we are the employer, let’s see which employee or employer would hang around the White House, with each administration.

Continued in “The Ghost in the White House (2).”  Who is it?  Why is there a ghost in the White House? 


  1. Avatar of Robert Politz
    Robert Politz says

    As always, an interesting article Nancy; and I’m glad I’m not the only one who leaves “typos” here and there. 🙂

    You’ve been around politics for some time so I know, no matter what your personal politics are, that there are probably many “ghosts” in that house who are groaning and moaning about our current POTUS, the man who would be king.

    If she, the ghost of whom you speak, has any mindset of why this country was founded and what our original documents, codified into law, actually meant, then her persuasive advice is being ignored.

    It will be interesting on what you write next regarding how she feels, what she may do and what the resulting effect will be in “our White House” and on our “employees” therein. One thing is for sure, these times are history in the making; a subtle shift in the entire makeup of the United States of America.

    If ghosts, trying to finish something as yet undone, actually exist in our reality, I wonder; what is it that they will manipulate our leaders to create as the next phase of this great country’s existence? But that is another story. For now, I look forward to your next depiction of “she who has not been named” (Sorry. Couldn’t resist that).

    Kudos for bringing back another old tale of mystery.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    I am so pleased you have taken the time to write about this subject. I find it interesting and had to place a twist on the entire subject since a former living President did say he also saw a ghost in the hallways – etc.

    The feelings of the ghost and why she is there is the treat of the entire subject matter, having one of us in another world speaking words to the employee, and why or who is she?

    I am now doing the research to make it more understandable… although I know you do realize politics and my life has been a life time affair.

    Thanks, as always Nancy

  3. Avatar of Robert Politz
    Robert Politz says

    Ah research; there is much written and sometimes discussed about your ghost (actually, four ghosts, two men and two women) who still inhabit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, appearing from time to time to those with an open mind and a penchant for history. Of course, such discussions are done in a whisper lest the observer consider the storyteller a bit “dinky dow”. 🙂

    I think you can have some fun with this subject and, who knows? Perhaps you’ll be writing a new script for the “Ghost Hunters” TV show. That would be cool. Alas, however, production of that show will have to wait until things are less stressful inside the beltway, maybe after 2016.

    You do have the makings of an interesting book as well so I’m sure your fans will be hearing more about “she who is yet to be named” and her cavorting escapades throughout the house named (allegedly) after Martha Washington’s home “White House Plantation” in Virginia.

    Stories abound from the time John Adams moved in to the cancellation of public tours today so I’m sure you’ will be creating an article filled with mystery, madness, suspense and wonderment. Good for you and kudos on selecting such a great subject.

  4. Avatar of Paul Collins
    Paul Collins says

    I love ghost stories. If you wish to read a great book on ghost stories check out MR James at http://www.amazon.com/Collected-Ghost-Stories-M-James/dp/0199568847/ref=la_B001IOFJOY_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1364781873&sr=1-1 . It will be worth your time. There is no such talk about ghosts in Canadian parliament but there is some in the Ontario legislature. I think it is great that at least you Americans have something of a mystique to the White House. Bravo!

  5. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    First to you Paul, I do love ghost stories and thank you for the link, I will be searching and will take your word for it, I am sure it is a great book. I found it interesting people seem to ignore ghost stories as if all of them were simply tales told from one generation to another, when proof of ghosts exist. I for one have my reasons why I believe so strongly, and I am sure you have guessed it, yes, I have found it easy to communicate with my own mother who passed away at a young age, yet we talked about her showing me signs, but believing, and being open, opened up more than signs; I believe it is a gift passed through from one generation to the next, and again, I have reasons for this. So I wanted to thank you, and one day, the entire story may be interesting for you to read, if you like ghost stories.

    Sincerely, Nancy Thanks for the comment.

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