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Wood Goblin

Wood Goblin

As those who have been following my regular “Goblin Tales For Adults” updates on my blog will be aware, I have been charged with chronicling a series of goblin tales.

My guest today is none other than Globular Van Der Graff, a wood goblin of great repute, and the source of the tales.

2.30 am, Saturday 10th September 2011

Jack – Good morning Globular

Globular – Good morning Jack, please call me Glob

Jack – Thank you. I was wondering if you would mind answering a few questions for our readers?

Globular – Of course, I’s be happy to

Jack – May I ask why you chose me to be your chronicler?

Globular – well, I’s chose yer cos yer has an opens mind, unlike most other humans does, plus I’s knew yer human ancestor Olin

Jack – you mean I am related to Olin son of queen Morag – incredible! To get back to my reason for requesting this interview, I have just finished writing down the twentieth tale which you dictated to me two nights ago Glob, how many more do you intend to dictate?

Globular – I’s has ten more that immediately spring to minds yung human

Jack – I see. Well in that case Glob, may I ask why you insist on visiting me here in my home at such a strange hour?

Globular – Since humans tooks over the world, we’s don’t feels safe in daylights I’s afraid to says Jack

Jack – But we’re not all evil are we?

Globular – Aye, that’s true enuff lad. But stills, being as I’s so small, I ain’t takin no chances on bein discovered.

Jack – How old are you and how many of your ancient kind are left in the world Glob?


At this point in the interview, Glob fell silent for a long time, gave me a strange look, and vanished. I do hope he will return because he still has many tales to dictate to me. Clearly, I have upset him. Maybe I went a step too far by asking him his age, I cannot tell.

Hopefully, I will have more to report later.

  1. Avatar of Mysti Parker
    Mysti Parker says

    And I thought only women got offended when you asked their age 😉 Great interview! More please!

    Signed, Mysti (Bejuss and Co. fan club president)

  2. Avatar of Jack Eason
    Jack Eason says

    Glob does tend to get touchy with anyone ten thousand years younger than him Mysti 😀

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