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On this morning’s news here in England it was announced that the major electricity suppliers in this country are about to raise the base unit price we all pay.

It Begs The Question... = electricityIt begs the question, why, if we are being told to continually scale down how much electricity we use in our homes, that they feel justified in raising their prices? Surely if we the consumers can reduce our usage, the companies who we pay through the nose to use electricity can lower their prices.

Apparently, this is not the case.

Another news item also caught my attention.

It concerns the totally nonsensical notion of the ‘use by date’ and the vast amount of perfectly good food currently being thrown away here in the UK. The ‘use-by date’ was dreamt up by the suppliers to enhance their turnover of product, several years ago.

The government is now asking the suppliers to eliminate it and to continue with the ‘best before’ system. The trouble is that the vast majority of consumers are now so hopelessly brainwashed into the notion of the ‘use by date’ and its equally confusing companion ‘best before’, that no matter what the government wants done, I fear that the consumer will still continue to throw away perfectly good food.

This second news item will fade into the background. Why? Because we now have a generation of consumers who have grown up with the belief that throwing away perfectly good food is the norm.

As for the first item, unless or until the government grasps the nettle and removes the nation’s power supply from the greedy clutches of private business, we the consumers, who by the way continue to struggle to exist financially on low incomes, will sit in our homes shivering this winter, unable to afford the exorbitant price hikes.

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