How to Cope with All Our Fears


Cope with All Our Fears

Cope with All Our Fears

We all have many fears; these emotions could hold us back from getting forward. Stage fright, for example, would be holding us back from giving any performance.

Fear of flying could hold us back from exploring new places and interesting cultures. Fear of physical pain can hold us back from good health like dentist or surgery, anti-flew shots, and so on. They say that in order to overcome them, there are medicines that you can use to reduce the fears, like test-, interview anxiety, first date stress, ADHD, etc…

I think it’s wonderful that now we all can handle our lives in all aspects better. We must only try to understand where the fear comes from and get the best medicine for it.

Taking a new, fresh look at my life, I learn that most of the small fears in my heart are increasing as I get older until finally, they become unbearable.

For example fear of flying used to be non-existent, due to the fact that I was a stewardess. Ten years later I’m afraid of almost every flight I make. Another fear example that is troubling me, is getting pregnant again after 2 beautifully, healthy children. The fear of giving birth to a child that is not healthy is constantly on my mind. The curse of the labor seems also like a mission impossible!

And even though fears come and go, I feel like I am getting addicted to this kind of pain: overcome the fear, facing it while your stomach is turning upside down, you are all stressed up and once I conquered my fear and survived the episode, I get this satisfying feeling like I just won the most important price of life.

I think that the most important fact that helps me with my fears, is the fact that behind any profession or title there is a person who feels just like me, excited or disappointed.

A son of… or friend of… and so on… And the most important thing is to accept rejection and learn to live with it, while one door closed, another one is opening up, and most of the time everything that happens to us is actually for the best, even if we can’t accept it.

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