Gain Weight and Find a Husband


Gain Weight and Find a Husband

Renee Zellweger has gained ten pounds in a bid to find a new man.

Gain Weight and Find a HusbandThe 39-year-old actress – who is divorced from singer Kenny Chesney – has gone from a tiny UK size six to a slender size eight.

A source said: “Renee was worried her slim frame made her look gaunt, sickly and, worst of all, old. She is going to be 40 in six months and doesn’t want to be single then.”

The source added to Look magazine: “Renee used to eat only fresh fruit for breakfast, but now she allows herself the odd doughnut or bagel with cream cheese.

And instead of working out five or six times a week, Renee isn’t freaking out if she misses a session” – BANG Showbiz / AP

  1. Avatar of Gianluca.DeSanctis
    Gianluca.DeSanctis says

    Thanks for posting this. Fine work indeed.

  2. Avatar of Judy.Markova
    Judy.Markova says

    Very interesting and amusing!

  3. Avatar of Bren_Freeman
    Bren_Freeman says

    Sadly Renee needs to be comfortable in own skin and do a little self love first.
    Before trying to get involved with a man. Thank s for sharing this, it was kind of you to do so!

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