Wishing my Life Away


Wishing my Life Away

Wishing my Life Away

Looking back on the things I’ve done
and the things I didn’t do.
Looking back on the things I’ve said;
I wish I said more to you.

Forgot to tell you how I felt back then,
how my love grew stronger over the years.
Forgot to tell you how I’ve watched you grow
through the heartaches and the tears.

I’m sorry for the things I didn’t do,
for the things I didn’t say.
I’m sitting here, wishing my life away
’cause I’ll never get another chance at yesterday.

If I could bring back the moments;
the ones I forgot too fast,
I’d bring back beautiful memories
that included you in my past.

I wish I could make forever
a time I could hold on to now.
I’d want to keep them close to me,
I wish I just knew how.

I’m sorrier for the things I said
and really didn’t mean,
I’m sorrier for the things I’ve done,
they never should have been.

  1. Avatar of Konrad Tademar
    Konrad Tademar says

    Touching in its simplicity and emotion.

  2. Avatar of Nancy Duci Denofio
    Nancy Duci Denofio says

    As we go deep into our past we are so alert to what we thought would be the best for us, yes, but is it true. Are you sorry? You see, we weep and the tears to dry upon our face and think of a tomorrow. But, today, think of what you are happy about, what will bring to you the moment you have seen in your mind, and you are willinging to be the winner this time around. But your words here, focus on so many that are never touched on. May this heal your sorrow. Sincerely, Nancy Duci Denofio

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