The Language Of My Love


The Language Of My Love

The Language Of My Love

Is it just thinking, or is it a feeling?
Is it just wanting, or is it needing?
Can it be touching, maybe it’s tempting?
Can it be consuming, is it just assuming?

Sometimes it’s broken, or given as a token
Sometimes it’s forever, or maybe, never
If it were lost, can it then, be found?
If it is allowed, does it make a sound?

Can you live without, can it make you lonely?
Can you shout it out, for a one & only?
Does it remain hidden, can it be forbidden?
Does it really care, can it be unfair?

Was it very intense, does it make no sense?
Was it ever real, can it make you kneel?
It can be listening, it could be glistening
It can be knowing, it could be growing

Saying that it’s true, wishing it was you
Saying that you mean it, unable to see it
Can you ever send it, can you share it?
Can you ever mend it, can you bear it?

Will it make you cry, when you say goodbye?
Will it make you stay, or still go away?
Is it the heart, that can feel it?
Is it deceit & lies, that can kill it?

Does it ever forget, or give with regret?
Does it ever fear, or is it ever near?
Was it meant to be, between you & me?
Was it meant for you, was it really true?

Sometimes it’s a dream, or maybe a prayer
Sometimes it may seem, nobody can hear
Words of Love you see, they’re always free
Words of Love can heal, you can always feel


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