The Art Of Obsession



The feeling & knowing
Of what they’re showing
In song, visual or word
Their stories unheard
Now clearly expressed
Art lovers are obsessed
Feeling deep within
What is under their skin
Contained in their heart
Expressed in their art
In rhyme, pose or dance
Giving others a chance
To see, feel & hear
What they hold dear
Their skill, gift or talent
From heaven it’s sent
With God they share
His creative flair
Just look & see
What comes from he
Cloud forms up high
The sunset in the sky
Tree’s, grass & flowers
Thunderstorms & showers
Waterfall, river or stream
A geyser expressing steam
A vast mountain range
Or creatures so strange
A slug, toad or a snail
A slow worm loses its tail
When faced with a foe
A new one will grow
A butterfly is seen
A cocoon it has been
A caterpillar before then
Helps put paper to pen
For Artists such as me
Inspired by all we see
Or what we may go through
In life the same as you
The good times & the bad
The happy or the sad
A means of expression
Art is an obsession

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