Hot Romances of Essie


Stedman wasted no time reaching for them with his mouth. He was overwhelmed with exuberating excitement of Essie’s beautiful body as he switched from one breast to the other.

Hot Romances of EssieHe was lost in Essie’s beauty. For all he knew, he had died and had gone to heaven, Essie’s heaven.
Essie hastily reached for his bathing trunk and yanked it down to his knees. She could’t wait to jump on him. She was a jockey and she was now ready to ride. She momentarily went crazy with erotic excitement. (page 54)

This is the more sensuous and erotic version of Romancing Essie.

“Hot Romances of Essie” is a sweet and sexy erotic island-style short story and an introduction or prequel to our main book; “The Non-Silence of the LAMB: Adult Contemporary Edition” or the follow-up version; “The Non-Silence of the LAMB: Real-Reality Fiction.”

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  1. Avatar of Eileen Browne
    Eileen Browne says

    Would have loved to read more in this introduction of your book 🙁
    Seems worthwhile.

  2. Avatar of Daphne Shapiro
    Daphne Shapiro says

    Sounds like an interesting read. I’ll check it out on Amazon.

  3. Avatar of Gabriel Constans
    Gabriel Constans says

    Thanks for sharing a few lines from your short story Luke. Agree with Eileen, that it would be good to have a little longer excerpt provided. Wishing you and your writing all the best.

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