Starting All Over


My past has me afraid.

But insecure is all its made of me.
I have someone willing to be by my side.
Just that feeling is forever engraved in me.

I try, but I dont expect her to understand.
She gives, but I accept with semi-open hand.
Its hard to get rid of pain when its becomes apart of your heart.
You try to move on, just not sure where to start.

So Ima just take her hand, and she will stand by my side.
Its all a working progress,so I’ll try.
And in the end i hope she understands.
Not that I dont believe her. Just i dont understand.

How someone so perfect.
Wants to enter my life.
Promise no pain, no hurt, just honesty and love.
Something I never had, in my life.

So the insecurity kicks in.. but I’ll have to lead the way,
because your knocking on the door to my heart..
and you’ll be getting the key.. someday

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