Putting in Time


Heart begins to slow down to a consistent pace.

Time goes back to normal.
Lovers start to get distant so kisses mean more,
lovers start to get distant but embrace each other more..
Lovers start to get distant..phone no longer rings.. &
Messages from others, is not what you need…

Share passionate times,
lovers care & grow together..
Lovers carve deep into their hearts
with the memories that turn into pain as they drift apart.
Lovers forget to love &
eventually worry about things that’s all in their heads..

When lovers drift apart the silence comes around,
tears flow from the eyes we call beautiful &
you go deep into thought again,
only to forget why you love in the first place.
Until you stop thinking & follow your heart
love will leave you heartbroken
waiting for you to pick up the pieces..

Love is trained,
it comes when you want it & leaves when you please.
This isn’t a Poem about love..
just tryna figure out what it means
although it can’t really be described.

Everyone wants it..
Why do you want something you can’t describe..
hy do lovers drift apart…
I wonder about love sometimes, & the girl who has my heart

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  1. Nancy Denofio says

    Hi, When you were writing about love is about to get distant – and I kept reading that stanza, I felt the distance as if I were traveling back and forth, this is the way one brings the reader into the written piece. Keep reading your work out loud and keep saying it over and over and again and the words will blend like a cake before baking. Sincerely, Nancy

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