Let Me


Let me love you..

I’m trying to give you what’s left of me..
Our hearts beat the same
but I need you right next to me,

Put down that wall
and let your emotions flow through,
friends say that’s a bad idea,
but its different..

I’ve been hurt too..
We can walk hand & hand down this road,
trust I can be true to you,
theirs more to love than sex,
I want to bring out the happiness in you..

But understand tears will flow &
I’ll be there to hold you &
wipe them away, I’m human so I admit..
I will make mistakes..

I’m no knight in shiny armor
but I can protect you..
no dream or fantasy but I’m thinking of you.
Always & forever ?
No I’m not making promises Iono if I can keep..

Yes I want you in my future
ut thats a bold statement..
dont you think??
This won’t be easy,
so dont push me away,
you stay true to me is all I ask &
we will be okay

  1. Avatar of Nancy Denofio
    Nancy Denofio says

    How romantic but how true for those who hold back when and if love is in their way. Many are afraid of love, afriad it can’t be so, especially when they were never part of love in or around their lives. This is another poem which I call universal and many can learn by reading it. Thanks, Nancy

  2. Avatar of Sean T. Moore
    Sean T. Moore says

    Thank you. Excuse the typo at the end though.

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