Something More


I saw the pain in her heart along with disbelief,

tears in her eyes that she wouldnt allow to go down her cheeks…
Strong, beautiful, independent and doubts all who attempts..
Caring, Funny, Lovable & this I admit..

But I saw in her what she didnt see in me,
Wanting her to believe she means something to me..
She’s heartbroken,
But I found most of the pieces..
Wind keeps blowin the rest away for some reason..
She’s nervous and sometimes I never know what to say..
I just try and make her smile so it makes my day..

So maybe when she smiles..
she’ll think of me..
I’m more than just a friend now,
she can forever run to me..

  1. Nancy Duci Denofio says

    Your words are comforting although at first waiting for that final grip of love, and she runs to you – I believe you explained a person who hides her fear, and you can see beneath. Thanks, Nancy

  2. Anne Ford says

    As a UK friend of Robert Politz Angie’s Diary rocks……Enjoy so many of the articles posted……..Thank you 🙂

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